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How to Throw a Great Super Bowl Party!

For most people it makes no difference who is playing in the Super Bowl, it’s all about the party!  We are going to explore some ideas that will make sure you throw a Super Bowl party of epic proportions:

Seating – there are going to be those die-hard fans that once the game starts, are only going to get up to refill their drink and hit the head… hopefully.  With this in mind, you need to make sure that you have enough seating to accommodate your guests.  And seating that will provide a comfortable place to sit for the 4 plus hours of football bliss.

“If you end up with more butts than seats, you can use folding chairs…”

If you end up with more butts than seats, you can use folding chairs (make sure there are comfortable cushions on them) or even big pillows on the floor.  You will most likely have to rearrange your room to accommodate your guests.  Make sure that in addition to enough seating that the area around the TV is roomy enough to allow people to come and go without having to climb over each other.  Depending on your beverage choices, there will most likely be many trips to the bathroom during the span of the event.

The TV – If you are having a Super Bowl party, and people are actually planning on showing up, then chances are that you are good in the “size” area of your TV.  Everyone loves watching the game in glorious Hi-Definition on you bazillion inch flat screen.  But what about the sound?  If you don’t have on already, shoot out to your local electronics retailer and pick yourself up a sound system to go with that bad-boy flat screen… there’s nothing better than watching the game in Hi-Def. and Surround sound, being able to hear every grunt and bone-crushing hit, just like you were on the field with the teams!

The Guest List – Hey, it’s a football game not a formal dinner party, so don’t worry about inviting the loud neighbor who you can normally hear half a block away.  You’re not throwing a formal dinner party, this is the Super Bowl!  All rowdy, face-painted football fans are welcome!  Anyone who likes football and all the adult beverages you can drink are invited!

Food, food, food! – Just snacks won’t cut it.  You need to have a proper spread of food and a halftime meal.  Keep in mind that food that can be eaten without a knife and fork will be your best bet.  But don’t think you can just serve some sort of crap food because everyone will be so immersed in the game that they won’t notice that the food is horrible… quite the opposite.  The building hunger that most will have will make them especially aware of the food they are cramming in their mouths.  If you are just not up to cooking a ton of stuff, consider having your party catered or buying pre-prepared food… good food though, don’t cheap out.  Let’s look at some food that will put you on the super Bowl party map:

  • Wings – you have to have great wings.  If buying a few dozen wings from your local wing place is out of the question, make your own.  Do your prep a day or so before hand and then on game day finish off your wings to save on time.
  • Burgers – another football game staple is the burger.  Just like the wings, do your prep-work early so when game day comes around, you can actually watch some of the game instead of spending all of your time in the kitchen or on the grill.
  • Crock Pot – the trusty crock pot will be your friend on game day… or maybe two or three crock pots.  Make chili, or barbeque meatballs and have them simmering in the pot when your guest arrive.  Everyone can serve themselves whenever the urge hits.
  • Pizza – pizza is a great Super Bowl party food whether it is pizza that you make yourself or take out.  Keep in mind that all of the pizza delivery places are going to be swamped.  If you are thinking about getting pizza from one of these places, it is probably better to make a pizza run, and go pick it up yourself.  Be sure to call your order in ahead of time and find out when it will be ready so you aren’t sitting around waiting for pizza and miss the game.
  • Drinks – you can’t have a Super Bowl party without drinks.  Beer and football go together like, well, like beer and football.  The last thing you want is to run out of beer.  You can’t go wrong in getting a keg of beer for your party.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be limited to just one kind of beer.  Get a good beer in the keg and then have a few cases (depending on the size of your party of course) of different kinds of beer.  You naturally aren’t limited to just beer.  Be sure you have a wide variety of adult beverages available in addition to sodas, water and possibly tea and coffee too.

These are just a few ideas to get you going with your Super Bowl party.  Don’t forget to decorate your place for the big game.  Whatever you do, make sure you have a friendly, welcome environment for your guests and that above all, have fun!



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