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Are you concerned with the end of deferments on your student loan and are struggling due to the high cost of your monthly student loan payment?

If you are having a hard time paying your student loans, you are not alone. Repaying federal student loan debt is a challenge that millions of borrowers are currently facing. It can be frustrating to find a resolution.

There is help.


Go to the Student Loan Counseling Portal now

Find Student Loan Payment Relief

The Student Loan Counseling Portal is designed to find solutions that reduce or even eliminate your monthly student loan payment to help you through your hardship. The portal’s easy-to-understand action plan could help you find thousands of dollars of savings every year.

The Student Loan Counseling Portal displays your specific student loan repayment options, (including the new “SAVE” option, also called “REPAYE”) depending on your eligibility, instead of countless ones you’re not eligible for
The Student Loan Counseling Portal is 100% self-service for your privacy and convenience and best of all it simplifies the entire process. The portal gives you all your options in a simple, easy to understand format – all from the comfort of your own home.
The portal’s self-service capabilities allow you to revisit your answers, so if you make a mistake, you can easily fix it to see potentially different results. Plus, you can even have the system automatically populate your loan information on the consolidation documents for you, saving you valuable time and frustration.


No payment needed to get started

Visit the Student Loan Counseling Portal now to see what options you have because if you don’t know all of your options, it may cost you down the road. Since many plans contain forgiveness elements, you can find out if the options you’re eligible for have forgiveness options as well. There is no payment needed to get started and if you would like to discuss the results of your options with one of our Counselors, you can make an appointment directly through the portal.

Take the next step and control your student loans

By using our online – self-service application you will find repayment options available to you. Remember, there is no need to talk to a counselor to get these results. This smart student loan portal allows you to enter in your information and it provides you with the loan simulation options you need to devise your plan for repayment!

Don’t let your student loan debt control you – take control for yourself. There’s no reason to let student loan payments overwhelm your budget, especially when you have the tools right here to help bring your federal (and some private) student loans under control. GET STARTED HERE.

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Working on my student loans is extremely frustrating. I never have been able to get help to make my loan payments affordable, I always got the runaround until a friend recommended Debthelper. The self-service portal is easy to use and in no time I found an affordable plan. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs student loan guidance.
– Dan in Florida
The government sites I have looked at to get help with my student loans take hours to get through, and I never know if I downloaded the right forms or who I need to send them to. Then I discovered debthelper and instead of hours it only took minutes to complete my assessment and apply. It saves time and it is so easy to navigate.
– Cody in Arizona
I was embarrassed to discuss my student loan status to anyone so I never looked for help in lowering my monthly payment to one that was actually affordable. The self-service portal at debthelper was exactly what I was looking for, no embarrassment and it helped me complete everything I needed.
– David in Ohio

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