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How Does Payday Loan Debt Affect Family Dynamics?

The topic of payday loans has become a matter of controversy and division. Despite appearing as a quick fix for financial problems, these loans come with high-interest rates and often lead to a cycle of debt that can negatively affect a person’s life.   It’s important to investigate the issue of payday loan debt and its […]

5 Signs That Signal You Need Credit Card Counseling

In most cases, people find themselves in tough financial situations with credit cards because of unpaid monthly dues. Without credit card counseling and sound financial management, every unpaid monthly balance piles up as finance charges that would yield to a higher interest rate being charged on their credit card accounts. Consequently, they end up paying […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning

Curious about what an estate plan is and why you need one? Read this blog post to find out the answers to 3 frequently asked questions about estate planning.

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