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The Cheapest Way to Buy Your Kids Great Clothes

The Cheapest Way to Buy Your Kids Great Clothes

When it comes to buying kids clothes it sometimes seems like you just can’t keep up. Kids grow so fast that often it feels like you just bought them clothes and they have grown out of them.

If you are on a strict budget or money is tight, it can be difficult to buy the clothes your kids need without spending a fortune. But with a little planning and some smart shopping you can outfit your kids without having to mortgage the house. Let’s take a look at the cheapest way to buy your kids great clothes:

  • Use the Internet. Online stores, even the major retailers, have bargains on clothing that you just can’t get at a brick and mortar store. The downside to shopping online is that you are unable to have your kids try on the clothes before you purchase them. One trick is that if you are interested in a particular item, you can find it locally and have your child try it on at the retail store to make sure you know what size to purchase… and then make your purchase online.
  • Ebay. Sometimes overlooked for kids’ clothes, ebay can be a good source for great deals on clothes. Often times you can get new, with tags clothes at a considerable saving.
  • Buy a size bigger. This might sound strange at first, but think about it. You can buy shirts and pants a little bit bigger making the clothes last all that much longer.
  • Clearance is your friend. Make sure to always check the clearance racks when you go clothes shopping. Many a bargain can be found lurking in the clearance section.
  • Thrift stores. This is a favorite of my family. My wife shops for most of her and our kids’ clothes at the thrift stores. You can find designer labels for kids and adults at astounding savings.
  • Swap with friends. If you have friends that have kids close to your kids’ ages, or the same age, consider getting together and swap clothes that are still wearable but just outgrown by your kids.
  • Yard sales.  Another great way that solves the question of the cheapest way to buy your kids great clothes is to search out yard sales. You just might be pleasantly surprised to see how much you can save when buying your kids clothes at a garage or yard sale.
  • Think ahead. Consider buying new winter clothes for your kids at the end of winter when all of the stores are having sales to clear their inventory to make room for the next season of clothes. Make sure you buy a size or two larger so when the time comes to wear the new sweater or jacket, it will fit.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort in order to save a considerable amount of money when buying clothes for your kids. With a little work you will be able to find…

The Cheapest Way to Buy Your Kids Great Clothes


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