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With The Holidays Over, The Debt Has Begun

For many Americans, January is the most dreaded month for receiving credit card statements.

If you have made the unfortunate mistake of giving your credit cards an extreme workout over the Holiday Season, you are about to start feeling the consequences of your spending actions.

Early in December, thirty-eight percent of all consumers said they had made holiday purchases on credit, according to CreditCards.com with that percentage climbing as the Holidays got nearer.

A large number of people who overspent using their credit cards lament that they don’t expect to be able to pay off that new debt before the next Holiday Season comes around.

Almost one in five Americans currently in debt expects to die while still in debt, that according to CreditCards.com.

Here are a few tips to help you dig yourself out of that Holiday debt and get on the track to eliminating your debt.

No More Debt. To avoid adding debt, commit to using your cards as little as possible, preferably not at all.

Multiple Cards. Concentrate on paying off the card with the lowest balance.  There are experts that say it is better to pay off the higher interest rate card first, but by concentrating on the card with the smallest balance first, it will get paid off sooner and you will stay motivated and continue chipping away at that debt.

Take Control.  You cannot take control of your finances until you promise to do it; the more you ignore the condition you are in, the worse it will get.

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