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Halloween on a Budget: Costumes

You might have noticed that the economy still has a long way towards recovery and the price of just about everything is still pretty high.  There are still many of us who find that money is tight and the last thing we need to spend that hard-earned money on is Halloween costumes.

I don’t know about you, but the $1000 Batman Collector’s Edition costume is out of my price range.  I would rather throw an old sheet over my head with a couple of holes in it, and consider myself a smart ghost that just saved a grand.

While the ghost made from an old sheet costume fits the bill when it comes to Halloween costumes on a budget, we are going to explore some costumes that you can make or buy that will look good but not break the bank.

— The Bed Sheet Ghost, and then some!  Since I mentioned it already, let’s talk about the classic Halloween costume… the white (or black) sheet.  For decades, families on a budget have turned to the trusty old white sheet, but you don’t have to be the standard ghost. A sheet can be used as a Toga and can transform you into a Grecian god or goddess.  Wrap the sheet around you Toga style, slip on some sandals and you are an ancient Greek citizen. — Find a sea-foam green colored sheet, wrap in Toga style, make a crown and torch from poster board, and you can be the Statue of Liberty!

— The Nerd.  You can easily and cheaply pull off a convincing Nerd.  Button your shirt all the way up, pull your pants up so you have “high-waters”, add some glasses (fake or real), put a bunch of pens and pencils in your shirt pocket ( a pocket protector would be the crown jewel if you could find one), mess up your hair or style it in a strange way… you have just transformed into the stereotypical Nerd!

— The Cardboard Box.  The only thing that can limit the possibilities of making a costume from cardboard boxes is your imagination.  You can be a robot, a knight with body armor, make a cardboard tube, and add branches and leaves to be a tree. With a big enough box such as a hot water heater box, you can make a costume that everyone is sure to remember… The frozen head in a fridge!  

Be a pair of dice with a friend.  Find a box big enough to put your head and arms in so you can “wear” it, paint the box white and add black circles to make your giant dice!

— Be Goth.  Some black clothing, dark eye makeup and perhaps fake (or real) piercings.

— Old Fashioned Hobo.  Find some old tattered clothes, a bit too large, use some makeup or good old dirt to make your clothes and you’re a face dirty… instant hobo!

— Nudist.  This one you have to be careful where you “wear” it.  It is of course the ultimate low budget costume!

— The Invisible Man.  OK, this is the last one to get you started thinking about different costumes for your  Halloween on a budget.  If you happen to be invited to a Halloween party, just don’t show up.  The next day when people ask you why you didn’t attend the party, tell them that you were there… as the Invisible Man!  …you can’t find a cheaper costume than that.

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