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Fun and Inexpensive Activities for your Kids on Thanksgiving

When you have kids in the house, especially younger ones, football, the Macy’s Day Parade and a huge meal will not go very far in keeping them entertained.  Why not spend Thanksgiving Day with a mix of kid-friendly indoor and outdoor activities?  The following are a few ideas for spending quality time with your family and celebrating Thanksgiving in the true spirit of the holiday.

Turkey Trot – A great way to work up your appetite for that big Thanksgiving dinner is by participating in a community walk or run.  Nearly every community has a “turkey trot” to benefit a good cause.

Football – No, not the football games on TV, start a great new tradition by getting the family together and outside for a game of touch football.  This is a great way to wear off some of that pent up energy that kids always seem to have, and another great way for everyone to work up an appetite for the Thanksgiving Day dinner.

The Tournament – Start a Thanksgiving Day Monopoly® Tournament.  Of course it doesn’t have to be Monopoly®, there are many classic board games you can choose from.  Make a trophy or award so the winner can have bragging rights until the next Thanksgiving Day Tournament rolls around.

Pilgrim Hats –  fun.familyeducation has a great twist on the poster board Pilgrim hat idea…  These fun Pilgrim hats can hold treats at each place setting for all of the kids, or for everyone!

photo courtesy of fun.familyeducation.com

Thankful Letters – Start a new Thanksgiving Day tradition by having all of the kids, or even include the adults, write on a piece of paper what they are thankful for.  You can encourage them to add pictures that they draw themselves.

Hands and Feet Turkey – Children will enjoy tracing their hands and feet to create this one-of-a-kind paper turkey craft for Thanksgiving.

courtesy of Spoonful

Feather Hunt – The Thanksgiving twist on an Easter egg hunt.  Go to the craft store an purchase a bunch of colorful feathers and hid them around the house, then do your Thanksgiving Day version of an Easter egg hunt.  After all of the kids have collected the feathers, you can assist them in making a simple Indian Headdress.

Marshmallow Turkey – Sophie’s World has the step by step instructions to make A Marshmallow Turkey that is a great craft for kids.  This is something you can do as you’re putting together your Thanksgiving table. They’re fun, easy, and tasty bits of table decor that are sure to sweeten your holiday!

So put down the TV remote, get off the couch and button your pants.  Start new traditions by doing some or all of these Fun and Inexpensive Activities for your Kids on Thanksgiving.

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