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Four Ways to Have Halloween on a Budget

halloween-budgetHalloween is coming and with it trick-or-treating, tons of candy and outrageous costumes. It’s fun to go a little crazy every year, and a good scare can be lots of fun.

However, if you don’t want the cost of costumes, decorations and parties to bring terror to your bank account, a little planning ahead is also a good idea.

Here are four fun tips that will let you enjoy your Halloween without breaking your budget.

1.  Repurpose Costumes

Every year chains of Halloween stores pop-up in strip malls across the country. Every store full of costumes that your kids will expect you to buy for them.

These costumes are usually expensive, very low quality and will probably only be worn once. Instead of shelling out money for a costume that probably won’t last beyond a single night of trick or treating, use a little creativity and put together costumes using materials from around the house. For example, instead of buying a Captain America kid’s costume, you can buy a themed graphic t-shirt at your local department store and find a pair of matching pants. It’s less expensive and guaranteed to get more use.

If you’re going to spend money at the Halloween store, get the accessory like the Captain America shield that brings the costume together. It’s likely to last longer and can be repurposed for future kids or costumes.

2.  Decorate Creatively

The great thing about Halloween is that things are supposed to look a little messy and chaotic. Instead of going to the store and buying slick and expensive props and lights, you have a license to find affordable ways to make your home look spooky without breaking the bank. There are countless craft projects that you can do to create a spooky and festive atmosphere.

One great idea is to take discarded gallon milk jugs and paint faces on them. Then you can simply cut holes in the sides, and run a string of white Christmas lights through them. It looks great, and you can get an extra holiday’s worth of use out of the Christmas lights.


Image: Moneycrashers.com


3.  Entertain Collaboratively

If you’re throwing a Halloween party for grown-ups, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to share the cost. Make it a potluck and encourage your friends to bring their most terrifying dishes. You can even have a contest and award prizes for taste and originality.

When it comes to parties, the liquor store can be one of the biggest expenses. Instead of buying lots of different bottles of alcohol, brew a large batch of a specialty drink like sangria, spiked cider, or make your own witches brew. You can save by buying your ingredients in bulk, and you won’t be left with lots of half empty bottles at the end of the night.

4.  Don’t Get Haunted by the Bill

Before you plan your Halloween, make sure that you create a budget in advance. That way you not only know what you can spend on the holiday, you can also make sure you’re not breaking the bank when budgeting for the rest of the holiday season.

Not sure where to start? We want to help. That’s why we created the Ultimate Holiday Budget Spreadsheet. This incredible resource allows you to create a holiday budget that factors in travel expenses and lets you plan for all of your holiday expenses before the start of the season.

Want to create a budget for after the holidays? Schedule a free counseling session or call us at 800-920-2262.

Holiday budget spreadsheet

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