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Dude: Think you can handle a credit card?

Found this great quiz over at creditcards.com. It’s a must if you’re starting out and eager to get your hands on that first credit card.

Click the read more link to actually complete the quiz and get your score.

So, young adult, you want to become independent? Good!

You want to get a job? Good!
You want to move out on your own? Good!
You want to get a credit card?

Hang on there, pal. Now you’re talking about something serious. Yes, young spender, you need to build a credit history. But what level of responsibility is best? Credit card? Debit card? Quality time with a Monopoly board? Before you fill out that credit application, take this quiz to get a feel for what you need to know. Each correct answer is worth one point:

Good luck, dude!

If you lose your card and someone makes unauthorized charges on it, how much are you liable for?
All charges.
A maximum of $50 per card.
Nothing if you report the loss within 90 days.
Nothing if the unauthorized charges don’t exceed $500

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