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Are Cell Phone Fees Sucking Money Out of Your Wallet?

If you are like most Americans, you don’t look at your detailed cell phone bill.

If you do happen to take a look at your bill, you will undoubtedly find, all the way at the bottom, a litany of fees, taxes and surcharges.

According to a FOX Business report, …local, state and federal governments, along with other public entities like school districts and 911 systems add on taxes and surcharges to wireless bills that can add on average an additional 17.18% to the bill.

It is easier to raise taxes on one product, cell phones, than it is for broad-based issues… after all, there is only one lobbyist group to deal with.

Fees by the cell phone carrier makes up a big chunk also… texting charges, early termination fees, 411 fees and unwanted services fees may also go unnoticed.

With cell phones becoming ever more essential these days, all of these fees and taxes can make it tough on those of us who are barely making ends meet.

For much of the low-income populace, high cell phone cost can limit their access to wireless service.

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