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A Boulder Crashes into Woman’s House

what would that do to your household budget?

ABC reports that a 12-foot by 9-foot tall bolder crashed through a Utah woman’s home pinning her in her bedroom at 3 a.m., breaking her jaw and sternum.

Image by Scot Denhalter

Image by Scot Denhalter

Can you imagine!  The report said she heard a rumbling sound and woke up then rolled over to the other side of the bed. Her husband was not home during the incident.  If she had swung her legs over the bed to get up, the report says it would probably have killed her.  Despite her injuries she was able to free herself and make it to the phone to call 911.

Neighbors said they saw her husband on top of the hill above the couple’s home with a big lever (Like Archimedes said: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”)  …not really

The report did not mention what the damages were, but you can be assured that when a massive boulder crashes into your house it’s going to cause some damage and it won’t be a cheap repair.

I couldn’t tell you if my homeowner’s insurance covers boulders crashing into my house, especially since I live in Florida, but if it didn’t it might be difficult coming up with the money to have the house fixed.  Even if the insurance would pay for the repairs, you still have to close up the gaping hole in the side of your house.

Planning for the unexpected expense is a smart move when it comes to being financially responsible.  In your household financial budget, you should make an attempt to set aside some money for those large unexpected expenses.  A boulder crashing into your home is extreme but it obviously can happen.  A more common unexpected expense would be something like your hot water heater going out on you or a major problem with your furnace or central air conditioner. The repair cost for a central air unit could run into the thousands.

You don’t have a personal finance budget?  Why not?  You might think that you don’t make enough money to bother with a budget but that’s the exact reason to have one.  With a personal budget you are able to:

  • ž   Find out where our money is going
  • ž   To pay off your debt
  • ž   Extract more money for savings
  • ž   Pay of your debt
  • ž   Save to build a house or start a business
  • ž   To scale down after a divorce or job change
  • ž   Pay off your debt
  • ž   Prepare for unexpected expenses
  • ž   Did I mention to Pay OFF Your Debt!?

Whatever your motivation, starting a personal budget is one of the smartest things you could possibly do.  You will be surprised at how many benefits will arise from it.  One benefit for sure is that you will live better having control over your finances.

Back to the boulder lady…  Her husband told NBC News that when they first moved in the house they loved the backyard but used to joke about having a big boulder snapping and coming right through the house.  Well, it looks like it was just that that happened.

I hope their homeowners insurance pays for the damage.  If not, I hope they have a budget and have some money set aside for just such an event.

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