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8 Great iPhone Apps for Managing Your Money

Found this over at one of our favorite blogs, The Five Cent Nickel:

As most of you know, I got an iPhone back in July. Since it arrived, I’ve had a blast digging through the App Store looking for life-changing apps. While I’ve found some real gems, I’m sure that I’ve missed out on some great ones. What follows is a rundown of the eight money-related iPhone apps that I use most heavily.

Money apps for the iPhone
Mobile Banking – A number of banks offer iPhone apps for managing your accounts. The only one I’ve used has been the Bank of America app, simply because that’s where we have accounts. This app replicates all of the critical online functionality in an easy-to-use interface. (free; link)

SplashID – This is my password-keeper of choice going back to my days with a Palm Treo/Centro. There are cheaper solutions out there, but I already had all my data in SplashID, so I just stuck with it. There is also a Mac (or Windows) client, and it supports wireless synchronization. ($9.99; link)

Evernote – This is the iPhone client for the popular note-taking, web-clipping, document-storing Evernote service. This isn’t specifically designed for financial tasks, but I use it for a bunch of money-related stuff — storing receipts, keeping notes on tax-related transactions, etc. (free; link)

JotNot – This is a fantastic little app that essentially turns your iPhone camera into a scanner. Take a picture of a receipt, document, etc. and easily process it into a tidy pdf that you can e-mail from within the app. Yes, it costs $4.99, but it’s been totally worth it, especially since you can send stuff straight to Evernote. ($4.99; link)

Fuelly – This one isn’t really an app… Rather, it’s a mobile web interface that I’ve bookmarked on my home screen such that it’s accessible from alongside all my other apps. I’ve mentioned Fuelly in the past — it’s a great little site for tracking your mileage. (free; link)

CardStar – Are you sick and tired of carrying around a pocketful of grocery store affinity cards, reward cards, and membership cards? Then you’d better check out CardStar. Simply enter the number from each of your cards and CardStar will provide you with a scannable, on-screen bar code. Very cool. (free; link)

Amazon Mobile – I use this app all the time when I’m out shopping. Amazon is an incredibly handy resource for checking “typical” online prices, reading customer reviews, etc. This app gives you a great front-end to all of that Amazon goodness. (free; link)

SnapTell – This is a fantastic app that runs “visual product searches” on books, CDs, DVDs, and video games. Simply snap a picture of the cover and SnapTell will pull up descriptions, ratings, prices, etc. from Amazon, Google, eBay, and more. This app could completely replace the Amazon app (above) except it only covers specific product types. (free; link)

One big category that I’ve skipped entirely is stock market tickers. While the iPhone comes with a very serviceable “Stocks” app, and there are many more out there, I don’t pay much attention to the daily fluctuations of the stock market. Thus, I haven’t spent much time playing with them.

What did I miss?
The list above is a good start but, as noted above, I’ve almost certainly missed some great apps. After all, there well over 50,000 iPhone apps out there, including 55 pages of financial apps. Who has time to test them all? Not me.

So… If you have any favorites, please share them in the comments.

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