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31 Days of Higher Gas Prices Comes at Tough Time

CNN Money reports that according to AAA gas prices have risen for the past 31 days.

Businessman putting gas nozzle to his head, screaming. The experts and talking heads say the increases is gas prices are due to rising crude prices, a shortage in supply, refineries closing and who knows what else.  What we as consumers know is that it stinks and those of us who use heating oil to warm our homes are seeing a sharp increase in prices, not to mention paying more than we did a year ago.

What are we supposed to do?  We are at the mercy of the oil companies and every gas station is going to be right around the same price, it’s not like you can shop around.  Well, you can shop around sort of.  There is an app called GasBuddy for smart phones and the such that will help you find the cheapest gas prices where you are.  So I guess if you are out and going to fill up the car, it would pay to check to see where the cheapest prices are and go there.

I was thinking that I would look into getting some sort of storage tank in order to store fuel.  We have other emergency supplies stored away, why not some gasoline?  I’m not talking about a half dozen plastic gas cans sitting around, I mean a real gas storage tank, with a pump and everything.

After looking into having something like that I don’t see how it would be of any savings.  Now if I lived on a farm or ranch and had vehicles that were used all of the time and required fuel everyday, I suppose it make sense.  But to have a storage tank set up out in the back yard just won’t cut it.  There is the expense of having the tank installed and the environmental hassle that goes with that, then having the fuel delivered isn’t real cheap either not to mention the cost of the gasoline is not much different from a fuel supplier than it is at the local gas station.  …so much for that idea.

There are a few things you can do however to help a bit when it comes to gas prices.

Fill up Close to Home.  If you live in the suburbs and work in the city, chances are the gas prices near your home are going to be less than the prices in the city.  Take the time to get gas at home either before you head to work or on your way home.

Try an Additive.  Try adding one of those fuel system cleaners to your tank when you fill up.  I know, you are saying that stuff costs like $7.00 for a little bottle, that makes my effective gas price even higher, well initially sure.  Over time those cleaners really will work and your car will start to run at its peak efficiency, burning less gas and saving you money in the long run.

Watch of for Thursday.  Never fill up on a Thursday, Wednesday is best.  Gas stations tend to raise their prices on Thursdays ahead of the demand for weekend travelers.  …travelers to the grocery store of Home Depot that is.  If you can fill up Wednesday or at least before 10:00am on Thursday, you’ll beat the raising prices going into Friday and Saturday.

Your Driving Style.  This should go without saying but…  No Jack Rabbit starts, that pedal all the way to the right is not an on/off switch, there is an in-between.  Drive the speed limit, or close to it, can help a little in keeping you gas consumption as low as possible.

Really the only sure-fired way to get better mileage with your car is to have a high-mileage car.

Hopefully we will see gas prices come down before too long or we are going to be in for an expensive summer.

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