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3 Real Life Ways To Save Money Today

1. Become A Free Finder Expert: Everybody I know is missing two things: time and money. I started taking just 20 minutes a day to seek out anything that is free. Some are scams, yes. But some are real, saving me time, money or both! Free is good. Free helps. How would you like to ditch your home and/or cell phone and start talking for free? There’s a program that gives free phones to people who are on government assistance in any form. You get the phone and a full year of minutes…for free! Go to www.safelinkwireless.com to find out more

2. Counting To Ten Isn’t Just For Pre-School: Before you buy anything, and I mean anything at all, stop and count to ten. Do you really need it? Do you just ‘want’ it? Can you find it somewhere cheaper? Will it make a huge difference in your life if you don’t get it? Are you buying this thing right here and right now because it’s a must have necessity? Or are you buying it because it’s convenient and easy and you just want, want, and want? Ask yourself this question: will life as I know it change if I don’t buy this? Be honest. If you do this with every purchase in your life, and if you’re honest, you’ll stop wasting money today.

3. Real Food For Real Cheap: Did you know you could get a week worth of food, for a family of four, for only $30? Angel Food Ministries is an organization that uses the power of bulk shopping and extreme organization to help you eat real, and nutritious, food for cheap. Simply go to one of the many locations, or click online, and follow the easy to order steps. Another idea? Play with your food. At my house, I serve lots of ‘decoration’ foods. These are foods like tacos or pizzas where everyone makes their own with a slew of decoration foods like cheese and beans and whatever vegetables I have left over. This can be anything, really….from hamburgers to taco night to decorating spaghetti and baked potatoes. Get creative, save money and add some fun to dinner.

Looking for more ways to cut costs and save money? Visit www.debthelper.com today. We are a non profit financial education agency that can help you cut your credit card debt payment by almost 50% with one phone call. We offer counseling on: first time home buying, bankruptcy, foreclosure, credit card debt and more.

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