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Summer Savings – 3 Ways to Save Money this Summer

Summer Savings - 3 Ways to Save Money this SummerJust when you think you’ve finally recovered from all the extra spending that tends to accompany the holiday season, you wake up and realize that summer is here along with all of the costs that come with it. While it may seem like summer should be relatively cheap – full of bicycle riding and playing in the sprinklers for the kids – it can get pretty pricey rather quickly. By following some of these summer savings tips you can keep summer fun for everyone without breaking the bank in the process.

Plan Ahead

If you’ve decided that going to a theme park (or three) is a must over summer vacation, then it’s important that you plan these trips ahead of time. Theme parks, hotels, airlines, and all touristy destinations expect a lot of extra foot traffic at this time of year and therefore generally don’t offer many discounts or good deals. Taking the time to plan out your trip a couple months in advance can save you a decent amount of money in the long run. Book your room, rental car, and flight ahead of time and don’t wait to purchase your tickets at the gate. The earlier you make these plans, the more you are apt to save.

Party Wisely

Summer is the perfect time of year for cookouts and patio parties. Instead of dishing out money to caterers or having food delivered break out your grill and barbecue your own party dishes. If you don’t have a grill, then get busy in the kitchen. If you plan on having multiple get-togethers, then consider hosting them potluck style and asking the guests to each bring along their favorite dish to accompany the main course. When it comes to buying the outdoor furniture for your parties, don’t wait until peak season. It’s wisest to make these kind of purchases after the big holidays, like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, that’s when you’re most likely to get the best deals.

Cut Energy Cost

One of the most money eating things we encounter during this time of year is cooling and energy costs. When the temperature outside rises, our air conditioning bill tends to rise right along with it. If you’re doing something inside that doesn’t require a lot of movement, like watching television or reading a book, try to use a fan instead of blasting your air conditioner. You’ll thank yourself when you get your next power bill and it hasn’t gone up by a hundred or more dollars.

While most of us spend all of the winter months anticipating the blue skies and cold waters of summer, we also dread the costs that usually come along with it. By making small changes such as not waiting until peak season to buy all of your summer gear and planning those big trips ahead of time you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run. That will help keep your summer exciting and still affordable!

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