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College can be an intimidating adventure to embark on. Between worrying about living in someplace new with total strangers, keeping up with classes and trying to find time to hang out with friends, financial worries can be the most overwhelming part of this new experience. Tuition costs, books, lab fees and other essential expenses like groceries are inevitable but there is a way to get control again when it seems like things are getting out of hand.

Though it may take a little searching, especially in economically hard times like these, there is help available to students. There are websites dedicated to offering an endless list of scholarships ranging from the academic to the unusual. Also, college campuses sincerely want their students to get involved, so go out to the different activities that may be offered that week; it’s almost guaranteed that there will be some freebies there.

Universities also work with local restaurants and retailers so students may get certain discounts or free items. At my school student government partners with local restaurants to reward designated drivers. The designated driver can have an unlimited amount of nonalcoholic beverages.

There are also a lot available opportunities to take advantage of just by showing your student ID. Local restaurants, clothing stores, and other retailers may offer different discounts on certain school related items or your overall purchase. Just make sure you ask during check out because some retailers may have this posted in a vague location in the store or may not tell you at all.

Even though times may get chaotic, taking advantage of the assistance and discounts offered on and off campus can make the financial transition from home to school a little easier.

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