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Fast&Easy Money Saving Tips

1.Get a cheap massage- Many community and career colleges offer classes for students interested in becoming massage therapist and therefore are looking for clients to practice on. Most colleges will charge a minimal fee or sometimes will offer the service for free. Call your local college and see what they have to offer.
2.Take a natural getaway- Take a Saturday to explore your town’s surroundings. Maybe go on a hiking trail, relax at the beach or set up a simple backyard picnic.
3.Look over the grocery newsletter- Use your grocery store’s newsletter to plan the meals for the week using items that are on sale.
4.Scan the perimeter- Many snack type food items are usually found in the aisles of the grocery store while the basic and essential items, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and so on, are located in the perimeter of the store. So start on the outside and work your way in.
5.Go generic- It used to be that generic brands didn’t offer as great of quality as the name brands, but that’s certainly a myth these days! However, if you still prefer name brands, buy generics for simple items such as hand soap, fruits and vegetables, and some snack foods
6.Plant an herb garden- Buying fresh herbs at the grocery store can start to get pricy, so take matters into your own hands. It can take up a patch of your backyard or take up some space on a sunny windowsill. Either way, these little plants will spice up your cooking and add something extra to your home.
7.Explore the farmer’s market- Shopping for produce at your local farmer’s market saves money and supports local growers too. Also, many vendors are willing to negotiate prices and give free samples.
8.Electrify those leftovers!- Leftovers used to be dreaded by some, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Leftovers save money, prevent waste, and some food channel shows are even beginning to include ways to add zing to yesterday’s meal.
9.Take advantage of free trials– Lots of companies are offering free trials allowing you to decide whether you like the product or not without spending a dime. Just visit their website or search online by just typing “free trials/ free samples.” But beware of scam sites! Some will ask you to sign up for a registry in order to automatically receive samples, this can turn into them sending you a bill after you get your first item.
10.”Money back guarantee”- Many companies are adding this promise to their products. Take advantage of it! If you’re sincerely not satisfied with a product, usually providing a copy of the receipt and a statement of why you are unsatisfied is enough for a full refund.
11.Rent movies for next to nothing- Scores of supermarkets are adding easy $1 a day movie rental stands to their stores. This makes date night easy and cheap too!
12.Bring your lunch to work- This grade school throw back saves money and gas since you won’t even have to leave the office. If you do prefer going out, opt for someplace that offers…..
13.Lunch specials- Lots of restaurants are offering great lunch specials these days. Some places have “you pick two” deals or different items all together on their lunch menu, so go ahead and try something new!
14.Visit your local library- Libraries have an endless amount of resources these days. From an infinite amount books, movies, and computers, the library is an endless resource. In addition, many libraries now have quaint cafés or small fun classes that range from photography to yoga.
15.Kick the habit- At a national average of almost $2 per pack, cigarettes can be an incredibly costly and deadly habit. Smoking 2 packs a day, every day of the week will end up running you about $112 a month. That translates to about $1,344 a year!
16.Skip the gym- And work out in your home or at the local park instead. By doing this not only do you save on gym membership and fees you can be in the comfort of your own home or be breathing some fresh air outside.

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