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Cheap Halloween Decorations To Fit Your Budget

The cost of Halloween decorating has become out of control. The cost of a single decoration can be the entire budget for some Halloween parties. Decorating for Halloween does not have to crack the pumpkin. Make use of our cheap Halloween decorating ideas and keep more of your hard earned money.

Halloween Decorations For Your Door

What better way to set the Halloween mood than at the front door. An affordable option is a plastic or cloth door cover. These can be found at dollar stores and party stores. You could also cover the door with Halloween themed fabric or a Halloween table cloth. Use a wire coat hanger and pull it into a circle. Wrap the hanger with a string of old Christmas lights and decorate with cheap masks, corn husks, ribbons, Halloween candy or even plastic spiders – any Halloween theme you choose will work for this. A simple way to add Halloween to your door is to hang a sway of leaves, wrapped candy, plastic bugs, little skeletons, etc. above your door. You could even add lights to your sway.

Halloween Decorations For Tables

Make a Halloween tree by hollowing out a pumpkin and filling it with potting soil or marbles. Cut a branch from a tree and stand it up in the pumpkin. Paint the branch black and add small Halloween themed decorations. These can be homemade or store bought. Best part, this Halloween tree needs no water. For a quick decorated vase, use a store bought plastic trick-or-treat pail such as a skeleton head, pumpkin or black cat and add a mum or Halloween bouquet to the center. This makes a great centerpiece for any table. Decorations for a sweet treat vase are as follows: place your brightly colored Halloween candy into a clear, clean vase. Add flower picks shaped in Halloween designs to add some height and dimension. This decoration does double duty as it can then be given out as treats on Halloween night.

Cheap Halloween Decorations That Hang

Don’t neglect the ceiling. Add fake spider webs and spiders to your corners. Hang spiders from your lights and even to your curtain rods. If you don’t like spiders than add cute ghosts or pumpkins to the upper areas of your home. Paint eyeballs onto ping pong balls, hot glue string onto the eyeball and hang from your ceiling. Glow in the dark paint is fun for this project. Inflate rubber gloves and tie shut like a balloon. Paint on fingernails. Attach a string and hang from the ceiling.

Don’t Forget Ambiance

Decorating is not all about the decorations. Setting the mood can take your decorations to a whole new level. Add a little music and the correct lighting and Halloween begins to come to life. Most all stores carry some type of Halloween music. Decide what mood you are trying to create and use music to make it fall into place. You can make use of candles as well. Cut a candle sized hole into a small gourd. Place a tea light candle inside the gourd and decorate around your room. As another lighting option, replace the light bulbs in your room with Halloween colored bulbs – black, yellow and orange. This change in lighting enhances the Halloween mood.

In this article you were given simple and cheap Halloween decoration ideas. Remember Halloween decorations do not need to be expensive. Hunt for bargains at discount stores, yard sales and your own closets. A great tip is to shop after Halloween sales and get great bargains for next year. Happy Halloween.


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