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More Americans Age 50+ Are Working 3 Jobs!

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At an age when they should be thinking about retirement, many people over the age of 50 are not only still working hard, but find themselves employed at more than one job.

In a July 2014 article by CNN.com, 115,000 Americans over the age of 55 are working three jobs!

More than one job must equal lots of disposable income right?  Well, that’s just not the case.

The jobs being worked by the over 50 crowd are not what you might think.  These multiple job workers are often working two or more part-time jobs in an attempt to replace a full-time job lost during the recent recession.

Those 50 and older, who lost their full-time jobs over the past 5 years, have had a particularly tough time getting rehired. A lot have already exhausted their savings and are now on some form of government support.

It is no wonder that workers over 50 are taking what they can get, even though many have skills and experience far above the jobs in  which they are working… these folks are just trying to piece together enough income to survive.

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