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Feel like you’re drowning in debt after your divorce? Schedule a free, 100% confidential Debt & Divorce Counseling Session to find out how we can help you save more and get out of debt faster.

Short answer? Yes.

You see, creditors don’t care who your divorce decree deems responsible. If you’re listed as a primary cardholder on the account, then in the eyes of the creditors, you’re responsible for paying off that debt. Period.

If you’re an “authorized user” on the account, then you’re technically not responsible for making the payments…but your credit can take a hit if the primary cardholder (aka your ex-spouse) doesn’t make the payments on time. The good news here is that, as an authorized user, you can be easily removed from the account.

But what should you do if you’re a primary cardholder on the account and your ex-spouse refuses to pay the bills that they’re liable for?

You’ll need to pay at least the minimum payments each month. Otherwise, your credit score will drop.

By how much?

It depends, but just one late payment can cause up to a 110-point drop in your credit score.

Do keep a record of the payments that you make because you can always go back to court later to try and recover your share of the money. But keep in mind that even if you go to court, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the money back. So that’s a risk you might have to take.

Need Help Paying Off That Debt?

If you have a recurring income to pay off your credit card debt but find that the interest rates are so high that you aren’t able to pay it off, then you might be eligible for the Debt Management Program.

On average, our Debt Management Program at DebtHelper.com helps our clients to reduce their interest rates down to 1.9%, reduce their monthly payments by more than $300, and pay off their debt much faster.

Over the past 24 years, we’ve helped over 15,000 families get out of credit card debt.

Are you next?

Let’s find out. Fill out the form on the right for a free, 100% confidential Debt & Divorce Counseling Session and one of our Certified Credit Counselors will come up with an affordable and personalized plan to get you on the road to being debt-free.

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