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8 Simple Things 2-do B4 the Storm Season Begins

1. Make a Family Plan. Decide who in the family does what, where you are going to stay and write down an out of state contact list or record all of their information in a reliable cell phone.

2. Purchase Supplies. Gather about a weeks worth of food that won’t spoil, 2 gallons of water per person per day, all medicines, plenty of flashlights, extra batteries, at least 1 radio, cash and a first aid kit.

3. School. Know the disaster plan of your kid’s school.

4. Pets. Make plans to board pets if you have to go to a shelter. Price them now. If you have to go to a shelter, find out the closest one to you and what you can and can’t bring with you.

5. Water and Electric. Find out where your water main valve shut off and your electrical shut offs are. If you haven’t shut off your water main valve before, now is your time to test it. They can get difficult or covered with dirt and grime. Clean it off now. If your electric isn’t marked properly, get the important fuses marked now.

6. Trees. Trim your trees to make them more wind resistant. Not sure what this means exactly…don’t worry many people don’t. Simply look it up…or try this link https://www.ocala.com/article/20120526/COLUMNISTS/120529812

7. Windows. Buy materials now that are sized to fit your windows or at least measure and price out your alternatives. Keep in mind, the closer the storm, the less available the affordable alternatives will be.

8. Records. Video your home inside and out. Keep copies of your insurance, important papers and bills in a safe location and/or send a digital copy your email or a relative or friend out of town.( Your bills don’t stop becoming due if you can’t find them or they don’t get delivered – if your mailbox blows away in a storm, put a replacement up as soon as possible.)

Be prepared.

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