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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Adopt Healthy Habits

With childhood obesity on the rise in the US it is common for parents to wonder “how can I get my kids to eat and live healthier?”  In this article we will take a look at 5 ways to help your kids adopt healthy habits.

Set a Good Example – The first and best way to get your kids to live a healthy lifestyle is to show them through your actions.  Your kids, all ages included, watch and learn from the things you do.  Your actions will always be stronger than your words.  Telling your kids that it is important to eat healthy while you are stuffing your face with a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder, will not help them change their ways.

Limit The Sugar – Skip the soda and sugary fruit drinks.  Back 100 years ago when I was a kid, a Coke was a luxury, a treat to have on special occasions.  Today, sodas are part of every meal for most of us and has taken the place of milk or water at the dinner table.

Yucky Vegetables – Many parents have just given up on trying to get their kids to eat vegetables.  There is no doubt that we all have differing tastes, but don’t stop trying to get your kids to eat vegetables just because they refuse them once or twice.  Given a variety of vegetables, you are sure to find a veggie that your kids will like… or at least tolerate.  If you have tried all 47 million different vegetable without success, consider pureeing them into your spaghetti sauce or smoothies!

Out With the Processed Foods – Whenever possible, avoid serving your kids foods that are heavily processed.  According to ToYourHealth.com, “Eating processed foods can put your kids at risk for any genetic predisposition they may have towards various diseases, so make sure you stock your house with healthy real food options instead of foods that come in packages or wrappers or tin cans.”  You must keep in mind that it is up to you to be a good role model because kids will likely look towards you for what is normal behavior.

Include Your Kids – The more your kids are educated and involved in living a healthy lifestyle, the more likely they are to stick with it throughout their life.  Involve your kids in the meal making process.  Show them the labels of the ingredients used to make your meals.  …if there are words that even you can’t pronounce, chances are, what you are eating is not as healthy as it should be.  Get them involved in the food shopping as well.  Read the labels of the food you buy, looking for chemicals and additives that you should avoid.

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