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You’ll Never Guess Who was Awarded the “Friend of the Consumer Award”


CFS2, a Tulsa-based debt collection agency, today announced the receipt of the 2013 “Friend of the Consumer Award” from the American Consumer Council. That’s right — one collection agency — a member of the least consumer friendly industry in America — is officially a “friend” to consumers. Reported NBCNews

Founded in 1986, The American Consumer Council is a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to consumer education, advocacy and financial literacy. Every year the ACC grants “Friend of the Consumer” Awards to companies that they feel have demonstrated a commitment to American consumers by providing a service that fosters consumer confidence and market acceptance.

The polar opposite of traditional collection agencies, CFS2 offers a variety of services to help consumers recover control over their financial lives. CFS2, using a patented process, offers for free a full line of services for consumers. These beneficial services range from medical discounts and legal aid to job-hunting assistance.

The company has helped thousands of American consumers minimize their current debt by directly communicating with its consumers’ other creditors, helping them find employment and assisting enrollment in government benefits.  This is something that is of course unheard of in the consumer collection industry.

Bill Bartmann, founder of CFS2, was credited by Inc. magazine as “remaking one of the ugliest industries” due to the zero-abuse policy he demands of his staff.  Bartmann is an interesting guy; he has gone from a four-time Inc. 500 company and ranked as 25th richest person in the U.S. in 1997 to losing it all and being bankrupt.  Not remaining down, Bartmann has brought himself up from despair to be again wildly successful.

“What separates successful people from those who aren’t is the way you deal with problems.”

Bartmann says that going broke has helped him by providing him with opportunities to succeed. “What separates successful people from those who aren’t is the way you deal with problems.” Bartmann said. Bartmann says he knows that there could be another challenge in the future, something he accepts and embraces, but admits that he works hard every day to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Bartmann is a perfect example of someone that when they were down financially, they acknowledged that they had a problem and needed help.  With that help, he was able to recover financially and eventually become a financial success.

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