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The Cord Cutters Guide to the 2016 Awards Season

The Cord Cutter’s Guide to the 2016 Awards SeasonIt’s awards season, and Hollywood’s best and brightest are getting ready to strut their stuff. If you’re a red carpet enthusiast, and you’ve cut the cord on cable, you might be worried that you’ll miss out. Don’t worry, we’ve provided a handy guide to help you maximize your awards season experience.

Before the Awards

Every year, more and more amazing TV shows are appearing on the new streaming channels like Netflix and Amazon, basic cable channels like AMC, and premium channels like Showtime and HBO. Conversely, more and more nominated movies are getting relegated to a narrower time frame in order to make more room for the summer blockbusters.

If you feel like you’re missing out on the great performances that everyone has been talking about, it’s not too late to enjoy them at home. Many recent releases and award-nominated moves are available for direct rental through iTunes, Amazon and other streaming services. For the price of a single movie ticket, you and your friends and family can easily stream a day’s worth of Award-worthy entertainment. The popcorn is also a lot cheaper.

Want to catch up on that hit TV show that everyone is talking about? It’s probably available to binge watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or iTunes. Not only can you get caught up, you can skip over all the commercials. 

For the night of the broadcast, many awards shows are on regular networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. All these channels and more are available in your area with a digital antenna. Other award shows that are simulcast on basic cable can be streamed through a subscription service using a streaming media device.

To learn more about how to find the equipment and services you need, download our free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Cutting the Cord on Cable. 

And The Winner Is…

January 10th – The Golden Globes (CBS)

The Golden Globes celebrate both TV and Film. Given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press, these awards are often considered the first step on the road to an Oscar. Because the stars are all seated at tables and drinking throughout the night, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and the winners are likely to say some outrageous things.

How to Watch: You can watch the Golden Globes with your standard TV antenna, or using the CBS all-access app.

January 17th – The Critic’s Choice Award (A&E)

Everyone’s a critic, but some critics have more clout than others. These awards are voted on by TV and Film critics from across the country. Everyone from the erudite columnist with the National Column, to local entertainment reporters from across the country have a chance to chime in. This year’s ceremony is hosted by T.J. Miller from HBO’s “Silicon Valley” and the upcoming “Deadpool” movie, so expect a geeky good time.

How to Watch: The Critic’s Choice Awards are simulcast on A&E. Available for live streaming through Sling TV.

January 30th – SAG Awards (TNT & TBS)

The SAG Awards are a recent addition to the scene. These awards are given to actors, by actors, so they’re often a better reflection of the truly great performances of the year, as opposed to the maneuverings of the studio system.

How to Watch: The SAG Awards are simulcast on TNT and TBS. Both of these channels are available for live streaming through Sling TV.

February 7th – The Super Bowl (CBS)

This isn’t technically an awards show, but it is football’s biggest night. Between the rollout of the year’s most expensive advertising and the halftime show starring Coldplay, there is plenty for non-sports fans to enjoy.

How to Watch: The Super Bowl will be broadcast on CBS. In addition, you can get coverage insights and behind the scenes video through the ESPN App and the NFL Network.

February 15th – The Grammy Awards (CBS)

The line between pop-music and film and TV continues to blur, so get your rock on with Taylor Swift, LL Cool J, and all of the biggest names in pop-music.

How to Watch: You can watch the Grammys with your digital antenna, or using the CBS all-access app.

February 28th – The Academy Awards (ABC)

Hollywood’s biggest night has arrived. The fashionistas are stalking the red carpet, everyone is preparing their “impromptu” speeches, and we’ve all got our tissues ready for the “In Memoriam” section. Chris Rock is hosting, so expect an irreverent night.

How to Watch: You can watch the Oscars with your digital antenna, or using the Watch ABC app.

So what are you waiting for? You can cut the cord on cable today, and still enjoy awards season. Want to learn more about the different streaming services available? Download the Cord Cutter’s Guide to Streaming Services for free today.


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