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Summertime And The Spending Is Easy

Summertime is one of those times of the year that we can really go overboard with over spending. There’s something about all that nice weather that makes us reach into our pockets and spend.

We have vacations, graduations, weddings, just to name a few of the reasons. But you don’t have to go broke this summer trying to manage all these events and your well deserved down time. Follow these tips to better manage your cash this summer so you won’t be broke by fall.

1. Plan Ahead
This tip might not help you this year as much as it will help you next year, but I have to share it. For those of you who read my newsletter regularly, you know I value planning. Events like birthdays, weddings and the like should be well thought out and planned for so you know you have the cash on hand.

Review what you spent last year and figure out if you have any special events coming up in the year ahead. Maybe Mom and Dad are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. If so, you know that you need to account for a present and possibly a big bash to celebrate the occasion.

Regardless of whether the event will be big or small, you can easily plug these events into your budget by knowing ahead of time you will be doling out some cash.

2. Wait for the Sales
Do you need some new summer clothes? Wait!

Believe it or not, stores will be clearing out their current selection of merchandise for the fall line by end of June. If you wait, you could really benefit from the sales.

End of June, JCPenney has one of their biggest sales of the year with 70 to 80 percent off their summer stock. That’s a huge savings and one that’s worth waiting for.

3. Enjoy What’s Free
Fun does not have to mean expensive! Most cities and towns offer a host of free events all summer long. Concerts, festivals, fireworks displays, movie events and more are available if you do some research. Pack some snacks and the fun is even more affordable. It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a good time!

Summer fun doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to break the bank. With some planning and willingness to do it differently, this summer could be the first summer you head into fall more financially stable. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

This article was written by Maureen Campaiola. To get more great advice from Diva Toolbox Media Diva Maureen Campaiola, visit her website at:


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