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Stranger’s Generosity Changes Teen’s Life and Employment Status

Jhaqueil Reagan of Indianapolis, Indiana, was walking down the street on his way to interview for a minimum wage job. He happened to cross paths with Art Bouvier, who was laying rock salt on the ground outside his restaurant, Papa Roux, after an ice storm had hit the area earlier in the morning. (Yahoo News)

Jhaqueil-ReaganReagan asked for directions to a thrift shop some 7 miles away and Bouvier told him he would be better off taking the bus.  Reagan thanked Bouvier and continued on his way.  …A little later Bouvier and his wife were driving to get some coffee and came across Reagan, still walking.  The couple offered the young man a ride and that is when they found out that Reagan’s mother had passed away and he was left to care for his two younger siblings so he dropped out of school and obtained his GED.  Reagan told the Bouviers that he was on his way to an interview for a minimum wage job and he didn’t have money for bus fare.

After hearing the touching story from Reagan, Bouvier offered him a job on the spot, double the salary of the thrift shop.

This kind of work ethic is practically unheard of today.  It would seem the majority of people Reagan’s age feel some kind of entitlement, like they are owed something.  His generation, the generation “Y” appears to me to be a narcissistic bunch with an inflated sense of entitlement.  This bunch trends toward self-centeredness and self-love.  These narcissists lack empathy, overreact to criticism, and choose themselves over others. They are certainly incapable of encouraging anyone else’s success. I think they ultimately lead miserable lives because they cannot maintain a healthy relationship with anything that doesn’t run on batteries.

Jhaqueil Reagan is obviously an exception and a breath of fresh air in this everyone wins, everyone gets a trophy, generation.  I’m willing to bet Bouvier has found the best worker he will ever have.  This young man shows the initiative and drive that is needed to survive in today’s tough job market.  He is obviously no stranger to adversity and feels a true sense of responsibility for his family.

When asking for directions, Reagan didn’t whine or complain after finding out he had 7 more miles to walk, walk in the ice and snow.  When suggested he take the bus, he didn’t cry about not having the money for bus fare, he just took the information, thanked Bouvier, and toiled on.

I guarantee 9 out of 10 of those baggy pant, crooked hat, self-absorbed Gen-Yers would have expected someone to do something for them.  After all, they are great.  They are a winner, just because they are them.

You can be assured Reagan will be a hard worker, successful at his job and will make the sacrifices necessary to provide for his family.  I wish him all the best.

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