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Summer Road Trip? 3 Ways to Save on Gas Prices

At one point or another the majority of us have entertained the idea of a road trip. Whether it be with family or just a group of good friends, a summer road trip can be tons of fun. However, a major downside is the money that ends up going into the gas tank. Especially since gas prices tend to rise right along with the thermometer. We have found a few things that you can do to save on gas this summer and maybe just make the road trip you’ve been dreaming about a real possibility.

Plan Ahead

This is the key to a successful road trip. Realize that it isn’t your imagination leading you to believe that gas prices rise around weekends, holidays, and summertime in general. They really do. Keeping this in mind don’t put off filling your tank until July 3rd if you’re planning a road trip on the 4th. Invest in a couple gas cans and pay attention to the gas prices a couple weeks in advance. Get it while the getting is good and you could save yourself some major money at the pump.

Drive Carefully

This means more than just following the laws of the road and checking your blind spot. There are tricks to driving that can save you some money on gas as well. It’s common knowledge that you burn more gas when driving at 75 miles-per-hour than you do at 55. But did you know that the way you push the gas pedal, how you pack the car, and the way you handle the air conditioner also has an impact on how much gas you end up burning? This doesn’t mean you have to condense everything to one suitcase or sweat in a windows down vehicle the whole trip, but it does mean there are ways to be savvy and save yourself some money. Do a little research, it might be worth it for you in the long run.

There’s an App for That

Obviously that does not mean that you should be looking at your phone while driving, however if you’re taking a road trip then odds are there’s a passenger in the vehicle that can. There are apps out there now that not only allow you to track your gas mileage, but will also help you to monitor local gas prices and check your car’s gas efficiency over time. FuelFrog is a great example of one of these apps.

While summer may not seem like the ideal time to take a road trip because of the extra money, mainly on gas, that you’ll have to spend, it doesn’t have to be that way. By doing a little planning, making small changes to your driving or packing habits, and enlisting a little bit of that tech savviness you’ve been practicing for so many years you can not only make a road trip doable but also affordable. California here we come!

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