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Money Burning a Hole in Your Pocket? How to Curb the Urge to Spend

Money Burning a Hole in Your Pocket How to Curb the Urge to SpendIf you’re anything like me then you tend to want to spend money the moment it hits your hand (or your bank account). If you’ve made the decision that it’s time to start cutting costs, regardless of the reason, there are ways to make the process manageable and even positive. Just because you have decided to no longer let that impulse to spend win doesn’t mean that you have to make major sacrifices either. Below are a few tips that will help you learn to spend wisely, and in turn to save happily.

Make a Budget

There’s a reason that any time you look up ways to save money, reduce debt, or just get your finances back on the track, the first piece of advice you’re going to be given is to make a budget. Making a budget allows you to understand how much money you’re bringing in, where exactly it is going, and where you can afford to make some cuts. Even if it seems like you thirty minutes is too much of your day to spare, take the time to sit down and prioritize your expenditures.

Shop Wiser

Instead of just shopping blindly and grabbing whatever happens to look good at the time, take some time to make shopping lists. This will help you to plan for meals ahead of time, which will also end up saving you some time in the long run, and it’ll make you less likely to splurge on unnecessary items. Also, consider clipping a few coupons for the items you know you use often. Both of these small tasks can help to save a considerable amount of money overtime.

Pack Your Lunch

When you’re making your budget take a second and add up all the money that goes strictly to eating out. That number is probably a lot bigger than you expected it to be. Don’t let time be an excuse either, even if you have to do all the prep work Sunday evening for a week’s worth of lunches, the amount of money you’ll save will really add up. The same can apply to dinners as well. Put that crockpot you got as a wedding present to good use. You won’t regret it.

Buy Used

This may not sound like the most enticing option, but you’d be surprised at the deals you’re able to find at thrift stores, yard sales and even online swap sites. You have to get yourself out of the mindset that everything you buy needs to be brand new. Once you start bargain shopping you might find out it’s even kind of fun.

Curbing your spending doesn’t have to be unbearably painful. It is possible to make small day to day changes that can result in a big increase in your savings account over time. Try following the tips above for a month, or even a week, and see just how much money that saves you. Don’t let that money burn a hole in your pocket.

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