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HTTN No. What? Oh. Ok. Fine

2013CLEbytheSeacover   Here’s her DRAFT – click through to see the final work 🙂HTTN No. What? Oh. Ok. Fine

My thirteen year old budding artistic daughter has a friend who is the Marketing and CLE Coordinator at the Arizona State Bar. Where she meets these riffraff, I’ll never know… #?!*

The Bar was to hold a CLE Event at the Hotel Coronado in California at the same time as Comic-con; so the Marketer had the idea to make a comic book style cover to cross market the two events. That meant he needed art, and as a fan of my daughter’s work, he asked her to draw a picture of the Hotel Coronado for him.

She promptly and clearly said “No”.

She doesn’t like drawing buildings and that was final; which is odd because she loves Athena’s daughter Annabeth from the Percy Jackson Series and Annabeth is all into architecture. Whatev.

So the idea was presented a little more differently to her.

My daughter wants to enroll in the Dreyfoos School of the Arts next year. Hmmm…Opportunity.

“Dear”, “Um”, “Sweetie”, (fill-in the blank how you would talk to a 13-yr old disagreeable girl) “You could possibly add this piece to your portfolio for your school application…” …waiting…

“Oh”, she says. “Fine.” “What’s a bar anyway?”

“It’s a bunch of lawyer and lawyer types.” I tell her and I wait for the reply. I get nothing. Typical. She gets a deadline. She has about five days and two pictures of the hotel to work with.

She gets fast to work, right? HTTN. She is 13. She does what every kid does. She finishes it in the last hour the night before and leaves the final scanning and turning in part to me. Thanks kid 😉 In her defense, I suppose I volunteered.

A little bit later after some magic potion from the Marketing and Graphic Designer was added to it, the cover of the brochure for the July 17, 2013 CLE Course by the Sea, presented by the Arizona State Bar, has my kid’s artwork on it with inside credits for her as the artist. I think it’s not too shabby.

Incidentally, I told my daughter the publication went out to 50,000 attorneys in the States of California and Arizona and I thought I heard her say “So what.” Turns out I was wrong, she said “That’s a lot.”

Shannon publishes her art online at www.deviantart.com under the screen name:



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