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How to be Recognized as a Leader at Work

There’s no doubt that becoming a leader at work can be a quite a challenge. You have the aspiration to be a leader but you don’t have the title of Leader… Yet.  So, how do you make yourself standout at work and have management recognize you as a leader?

While there are many ways to be recognized as a leader at work, below we will explore a few ways to position yourself as a leader without being too obvious about your ambitions.

— Take Charge & Responsibility — If you want to be a leader at work you have to take charge… even when you have not been “officially” given the task of leader. It is important to take responsibility for the good things that you and your team make happen as well as the bad.  It is okay to admit your mistakes.  You not only have a hand in the success of a project but in its failure as well.  True leaders take charge as well as responsibility for the work that is being done.

— Be Goal Oriented — You must understand your company’s vision of the project or business as a whole, and keep it at the forefront at all times. Set obtainable goals for the work you are doing and share your goals with management.  Make the success of your organization more important than your personal interests in advancement.

— Mentor New Employees — To be recognized as a leader at work often involves recognizing when your fellow workers need help or more instruction in performing their assigned tasks.  Be especially aware of new employees or employees recently assigned to a new position. These employees will likely need some help with what to do and how to do it.

— Recognize Opportunities — Many people think or say that “you have to create your own opportunities”, and that’s just not true.  There are opportunities to lead everywhere you look, and you need to keep an eye out for them.  Something that will be sure to get your noticed is taking on the work or project that no one wants to do.  Complete the project, in a timely fashion and with great ability and you will surely be noticed.

— Have Vision — All great leaders have a clear vision of where they want to go and what they want to accomplish, explicitly related the organization. However, vision by its self is not enough.  Competent leaders not only have a vision but are able to develop and put into action a plan for success.

— Have Humility — Leaders recognize that we are all human. They do not put themselves up on a pedestal, but instead treat others the way they would want to be treated and will work to support the hard work of a group. A humble leader will be receptive to new ideas and realize that they are not the only one that can make a difference.  A good leader will listen and explore suggestions from other team members.

— Speak Your Mind — Don’t be afraid to share what you think and to be more assertive. Share your ideas without caring what others might think of you. The more you are true to yourself, the easier it is to be more confident in who you are.

— Engage Your Bosses — Participate and become active with people above you. As you build relationships with management and executives, your confidence will grow. Don’t be intimidated by their title or position, it is important for you to start seeing them as your equal.  Soon they will be treating you as such.

— Be a Mediator — Conflicts in the workplace can be between two employees, an employee and a client or between a leader and a worker. The key is to face the issues and help work to a resolution.  The worst thing that can happen when it comes to conflicts at work is to ignore what’s going on.  When attempting to resolve a dispute between others in the workplace, you must focus on the activities and the facts of the situation. Avoid making a snap judgment based solely on your assessment of someone’s character or comments.  Be sure to address any issues in private.

It is important that you are able to recognize the difference between selfless business leadership and the kind of leadership that just seems to happen by accident.  You must make your ability to grow and develop yourself as a leader, a deliberate pattern of success… not an accident.

I hope these few ideas will provide you with some insight on how to be recognized as a leader at work.

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