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Homemade Dog Toys That Will Save You Money

Homemade Dog Toys That Will Save You MoneyFor many people, dogs have graduated from being just a family pet to becoming a real member of the family. Often this means that the dogs get spoiled just as much, in some cases more, than the children or grandchildren. However, if you’re like most pet owners and have decided to peruse the aisles of PetCo or Pet Supermarket looking for new toys for Fido then you’ve probably found yourself gawking at the price tags. As animals have begun to play a bigger role in the lives of most families the pet industry has decided to place a bigger price tag on the items you buy to pamper your pet. The good news is, there are ways to save on toys and keep your pet happy and entertained. Here are a few ideas on homemade dog toys that can save your wallet some major dough.


I have to start by mentioning that if you decide to use socks (or any clothing item) for your homemade pet toys then it’d be in your best interest to use new ones. You don’t want your puppy to associate your smell with something that’s allowed to be bitten, chewed, or just torn up altogether. That being said, socks can be the staple in making a couple easy DIY toys your dog will love. One great idea is the “Sock ‘n Ball.” It’s as easy as it sounds – put a tennis ball into a big sock and tie a knot just above the ball to seal it in. Another idea is the Snack Sock – put a treat into one sock and ball the sock up. Place the balled up sock inside of another sock (don’t want it to be too easy) and tie the second sock. Fido will smell the treat buried inside and have fun trying to get it out.


There are a couple things you can do with old fabric scraps. Depending on the size and length, you can tear the fabric into strips, leaving one end attached, and braid it. Now, instead of a used up dishcloth your dog now has a braided toy to play tug-of-war with or just to chew on. Another super easy idea is tying a large knot in the middle of a piece of fabric. Most dogs love to chew, and like the braid this toy can also be used for tug-of-war. It’s cheap and easy for you to make and will provide endless hours of fun for your pup.

Those are only a couple ideas when it comes to cheap ways to entertain your pet. There are tons out there if you take the time to do a little research, or just get a little creative. One advantage of spoiling a pet over a person is that your dog really doesn’t care whether or not the toy is new or homemade. Saving money on dog toys can go a long way, and thankfully, pets are pretty easy to please.

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