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Daughter Wants to Evict 91 Year-Old Father

ABCNews A 91-year-old man wants to stop his daughter from evicting him from the home he built 56 years ago in Zaleski, Ohio, a small community south of Columbus.

Eight years ago John Potter and his wife gave their daughter general power of attorney in preparation for the future, if their health declined and also to take care of their autistic son, 63.

Not an unusual thing to do for a practical elderly couple planning for the inevitable. Concerned with the making things a little easier for their daughter when and if she had to take care of them or their affairs, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Potter, who had since lost his wife, found out in 2010 that his wonderful little girl, Janice Cottrill, used that power of attorney to transfer the deed of Potter’s house to herself.  After finding out, Mr. Potter changed the power of attorney to his granddaughter, now 35.

Potter, who built his home himself, for whatever reason, waited over four years to sue his daughter to get ownership of his house back.  The suit contended that the transfer was illegal because the provisions of the power of attorney didn’t allow for the daughter to transfer assets of the estate to herself.

Here’s a real kick in the teeth…  Potter won his case in Vinton County Court but it was appealed and then ruled that the statute of limitations has passed, so the deed will not be given back to Mr. Potter.

Oh, it gets better…  Earlier this year, Potter’s peach of a daughter and her husband notified him that they had terminated his “existing lease” and included an eviction notice.  An eviction hearing is scheduled for June and it looks like the judge will have no other option but to evict Potter.

“I just cannot believe my daughter would ever do anything like that to me,”

This story makes me crazy!  Now I realize I don’t know Mr. Potter or his daughter and have no idea what their relationship was like when they were younger.  But I’m going to out on a limb and say I bet Potter provided his daughter a home to live in, a roof over her head and the love that a father gives  his little girl.  What a disappointment it must be for him to see what kind of woman she has turned out to be. When asked by ABCNews how he felt about being evicted by his daughter he said, “I just cannot believe my daughter would ever do anything like that to me,” That make two of us Mr. Potter.  …Janice Cottrill, the piece of work daughter, declined to comment.

After finding out that they tried to have Potter put in a nursing home, Jaclyn Fraley, a nurse and his granddaughter has moved to Columbus to be closer to her grandfather. In an attempt to keep her grandfather in his house, Fraley started a fund raiser at GoFundMe.com.

It looks like Mr. Potters only play here is to make an offer to purchase his own home back from his daughter.  (I’m banging my fists on the desk as this makes me so mad!)

About the fundraiser, Potter said he is “a little bit embarrassed that I have to ask my fellow man for help” but he is grateful for others’ generosity and thinks it is “wonderful.” ABCNews

Even though the house is not for sale, family members have told Farley that the piece of crap daughter would allow Potter to stay in the home if enough money can be raised to buy it. Arrrgh!

Oh did I mention that not only is the daughter putting the squeeze on the old man and trying to take his home away, that she has also begun selling of parcels of hunting land that Potter owns?

Potter, a World War II veteran and retired train dispatcher for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, turns 92 on May 23 and is unsure if he will be able to continue to live in the home he built and lived in for many years.

Whether you agree or not, I believe it is our responsibility as the adult children of elderly parents, to take care of them to the best of our abilities no matter the financial burden.  This woman, Janice Cottrill, no matter what her childhood was like, is I feel, obligated to take care of her aging father not steal everything he has.  I’ve never hear of such lack of compassion and caring for someone, especially for your parent.

I can only hope that when Cottrill reaches the age that her father is now, that her daughter will have forgiven her for what she did, or at least not let it get in the way of the care she will require.  …Then again, pianos fall from the sky, the railroad crossing gates fail at night, brakes fail on mountain roads, and lighting strikes people every day, so who knows, she might not make it to the point where she needs her daughter’s care.

We will all be judged and have to answer for our actions, I have a feeling that Cottrill will get her due, now or later.

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