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What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

While most Dads will just smile and say thank you for any gift that they might receive on Father’s Day, the truth is there are some things that Dad would really like to have.

We’ll take a look at a few cool gifts for Dad on Father’s Day, some of these gifts are practical and not too expensive and some are more satire than serious, and there are a few that are likely out of reach for most of us… but you won’t find a single tie or wallet on the list.

RC Helicopter










The Syma Toys S107G RC helicopter, the latest way to kill time at work… it’s pretty fun to play with at home too. ($57; sears.com)

A Cool Watch












If you can’t afford a $10k Rolex this awesome watch from Diesel has a look that Dad is sure to love.  The Mega Chief is a big 59mm x 51mm and will look great on any Dad’s wrist.  This stylish watch can be had for $240 from dieseltimeframes.com.

A Robot








This Automatic BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot from Sharper Image will put an end to scrubbing, brushing and scraping.  This rechargeable robot sounds an alarm and shuts off automatically when the job is done. All you have to do to clean the brushes is simply pop them out and toss in the dishwasher. Dad’s new robot will set you back $129.99

Smartphone Sanitizer














Most Dads don’t have a problem getting their hands dirty but no one wants germs growing on their phone.  This Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer not only has a pair of specialized, ultra-violet lights to get rid of all those pesky germs, it also has a built-in charger and  acoustic amplifiers that allow you to continue listening to music or using your phone’s alarm while it is cleaned. The Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer can be purchased from uncommongoods.com for $64.95

iPhone Tiltpod














Another Smartphone gadget, the tiltpod will make sure that Dad doesn’t get left out of fun family pictures anymore.  The compact design features a quick-connect magnetic ball pivot whose rounded head attaches to your phone and magnetically connects to the keychain base for an instant hold at just about any angle. The underside is made of a grippy material and contains a memory-card-safe rare earth magnet, so this ingenious tool is truly made to stick around. For 15 bucks from uncommongoods.com, you can’t go wrong.

Boxing Gloves Hot Mitts













When cooking is a battle for Dad he can pull out his Food Fighter Boxing Glove Oven Mitts from Stupid.com.  These oven mitts are sure to be a knockout with Dad and only cost $17.99

Whiskey Kit












This Make Your Own Whiskey Kit will give Dad everything he needs–White Dog un-aged whiskey, an aging barrel, a pouring funnel, and two tasting glasses–for distilling a spirit of his own. For $150, binnys.com makes it easy for Dad to make his own hootch!

Hermetus Bottle Opener and Re-sealer













For just $9 this Hermetus Bottle Opener and Re-sealer from kaufmann-mercantile.com is a real power tool: This chrome-plated metal pocket gizmo can crack open Dad’s favorite  bottle of brew and, just as easily, seal it shut.

No matter what you decide to get Dad this Father’s Day, he’ll be sure to likeit… or at least act like he does.  Why not skip on the “traditional” Father’s Day gifts and think outside of the box and give him a gift that he will actually like and use.







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