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Which Beer is Best for Your Buck?

When it comes to “adult” beverages, Beer is not for everyone.  My wife for example, has never been a beer drinker.  She will drink a beer but it has to be ice cold, to the point of almost freezing, for her to tolerate it, and then rarely will she finish a glass/bottle before it gets too “warm” for her liking.  I on the other hand, when in college I used to have a cooler in the trunk of my car that was always full of beer.  Usually it was warm and it was always cheap… but my buddies and I had no problem drinking it.

Now that I’m older, I still drink beer, not as often or in the same quantities as my youth, and certainly not warm, but I still don’t mind an “inexpensive” beer.  That leads us to our topic today, Which Beer is Best for Your Buck?

Even today, given a choice I prefer Bud Lite.  I may not have a sophisticated palate when it comes to beer like some of my self-proclaimed beer coinsure friends, but I’m happy with the taste and familiarity that my old stand-by provides.

An eighteen pack of Bud Lite can be had for around 15 bucks and for me qualifies as a good beer and a good price, I just don’t see switching or trying another brand at this point in my life. …According to those who know me personally, it would seem that I can be a bit resistant to change.  With that being said, I will likely never know for sure if there is a better beer out there that costs less and tastes better than my old standby.

For those of you who are willing to try something different, let’s take a look at some beers that are purportedly inexpensive and great tasting (well, at least tolerable)…  Here are a few of the so-called bottom shelf beers and what taste tests from a couple different sources had to say about them:

Pabst Blue Ribbon

“A little bland, but okay.” “Sweet and foamy — inoffensive.” “A really light, easy-to-please flavor.” “Musky and heavy.” “Highly drinkable.” (The Huffington Post “Bottom Shelf Beer Taste Test”)





Natural Light

“This is a damn good beer for the price. Nothing wrong with a cold Natty after a tough game. It basically tastes identical to all the lights.” (Ratebeer.com)







Miller High Life

“Too bitter, but tolerable.” “Standard.”  “Bready, nice balance. Could easily drink it all night. “”Pretty solid beer. “”Tastes like nothing, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing” (The Huffington Post “Bottom Shelf Beer Taste Test)






Natural Ice

“God is disappointed.” “Neutral and decently smooth.” “Kind of like soda. Really sparkly.” “Apple-juicy, kind of flat and wan-tasting.” “Disgusting.” “Kind of fruity? In a good way. Very effervescent.”  (The Huffington Post “Bottom Shelf Beer Taste Test”)







Milwaukee’s Best

“Took about 9 of these before i could swig down a swallow without making a clicking sound with my cheeks. Once i got past that though, it was all i thought it could be. Got me cross-eyed, piss in my roomies sock drawer drunk. Left me with a skull splitting hangover the next morning. Everything I remember from it in college is still true.” (Slate.com “The Best Worst Brews”)









Busch was introduced by Anheuser-Busch in 1955 to undercut Budweiser’s low-end competitors, making it the first cheap beer designed as such. The facts of its commercial life highlight the perversity of the category.  “Busch’s skunky corn quality is oppressive. The most refreshing things about the beer remains its label (a profile of snowy mountain peaks, clearly a suggestion about the proper serving temperature) and its name (onomatopoeic of thirst-quenching fizz).” (Slate.com “The Best Worst Brews”)








Simpler Times

Probably your best buy in less expensive beers, if you can find it, is Simpler Times.  Simpler Times is a cheap beer found at Trader Joe’s. “Simpler Times” lager brewed by Minhas Brewery in Monroe, Wisconson. $3.99 for a six pack. “Full bodied, slightly amber colored and not too sweet. 6.2% alcohol.” (Chowhound.com “Best Cheap Beer”)






Well there you have it.  If you are willing to experiment a bit with your beer, you just might find a great (well, good enough) tasting beer that won’t break your budget.




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