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Giving isn’t as easy as it once was. Many charities in the community are asking for more help due to the bad economic times, but it is for that very reason that a financial gift isn’t always possible. However, the gift of your time is never frowned upon.

Many organizations need volunteers for all sorts of jobs. Also, since there are so many charities, it is nearly impossible to find an organization that won’t hold your interest or your heart. Volunteering doesn’t just bring joy to your life, it improves your community, brings happiness to those whose lives you’ve touched, and best of all it is easy and free for you.

Finding a place to volunteer at is easier than ever. Check out websites like https://www.volunteermatch.org/ and https://www.serve.gov/about.asp. These sites are easy to navigate through and were created just to help people find some place they would really enjoy volunteering at.

If you are unable to dedicate a few days to volunteering at an organization in your community, start in your own home and neighborhood. Try cleaning out your closet and dresser. Whatever you haven’t worn in a while and that’s still in good condition, donate to the Goodwill. You’ll be supporting this organization and may even get a tax write off.

Next, look around and see if any of your neighbors need help, especially if you have elderly neighbors. Offer to help someone wash their car, or see if they have any two person jobs that they couldn’t previously complete.

Overall, volunteering is easy and can be fun too. Look for something that peaks your interest and you can never go wrong!

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