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5 Ways To Stretch A (date) Buck

I was going to title this post “cheap dates” but then thought better of it. Because I’m not a cheap date and I’m going to assume that the rest of you aren’t either. 🙂 The purpose of this post is to talk about ways to enjoy a date with your spouse or significant other without spending a lot of money. Because some of the best dates that I have been on with my husband haven’t cost us a thing.

• Go out for coffee/dessert as opposed to dinner. This is a great way to treat yourself to a fancy smanchy restaurant for less. This is also just as fun if you go to a local ice cream shop in the summertime.

• If you like to go to the movies, go to a matinee or the dollar theater. Or rent a movie (or find a free Red Box code!), pop some popcorn and watch a movie at home.

• Go to a park – have a picnic, walk/bike/roller blade on nature trails. This is both inexpensive and good for you! If you aren’t the active type, take along your favorite books and magazines to read after your picnic.

• Check out your local area for cheap and free activities such as concerts in the park, street fairs, high school plays/musicals, and amateur sporting events.

• Head to a Barnes and Noble/Borders/other book store for coffee and to check out new books/magazines.

If you have kids, child care can be expensive. To save money ask some of your friends if they would be willing to swap babysitting duty with you. For example my husband and I are going out for V-Day on Friday while our friends watch our daughter, and then our friends will go out on Saturday while we watch their daughter. (If you are blessed to live near family who will watch your kids for free, I’m mostly happy for you. :-))

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