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3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Active without Expensive Toy Purchases

3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Active without Expensive Toy PurchasesTechnology has done a lot to change the world as we knew it when we were children. Gone are the days when street lights dictated curfews, and the only toys we needed were our bicycles – helmets optional. The children we’re raising now are involved in the techie generation from the time they’re old enough to grasp a smartphone or operate an iPad. Unfortunately for us as parents, these devices aren’t nearly as budget friendly as Barbie dolls or Hot Wheels; they also offer a lot less in the activity department. Is there a chance of a middle ground for the Millennials and Generation Z? Is it possible for us as parents to keep our kids active without having to invest big bucks in the newest, fanciest gear in order to get them active and involved? I think so.

Get a Little Creative

Think back to when you were a child and what some of your favorite things were. In most cases the things we remember the most aren’t the things our parents spent the most on. I have great memories of big cardboard boxes turned into caves and forts, pots and pans from the kitchen helping me host my own cooking show and Tupperware containers that always seemed to get my imagination going. Why are we so quick to assume that today’s kids need more incentive to use their imaginations than we did? These ideas may not work as well with teenagers, but for elementary-aged children and younger, a little bit of creativity on your part can go a long way towards a lot of imaginative fun.

Get Involved

Often times it’s much easier for us to just hand over our phone to our child and let them occupy themselves than it is for us to get involved in activities with them. Do you want your child to get active without you dishing out a dime? Get active with them! Bike rides, picnics, going swimming, or even just taking them to a local park and supervising are great outings that your child will love, and they’ll love it even more if you’re doing it with them!

Get Toys that Keep Them Active

Thinking that you’ll never have to dole out some toy money is a bit naïve, however making the right toy selections can keep your wallet and your child happy. Take the time to do a little research on the best toys on the market for keeping kids active, and also take into account the type of toys that your child enjoys the most. Getting a dancing game for a child that hates dancing is just going to be a waste of money.

Even though it may be impossible to avoid the techie generation altogether, it is possible to make sure your child is well-rounded. Put a little thought into activities and toys instead of just buying up all the latest gadgets and you’ll be able to keep everyone happy and healthy, – even your wallet.

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