Credit Card Management Services, Inc. ( is a Florida IRS designated 501(c)(3) non-profit HUD Approved Housing and Credit Counseling Agency.

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We are committed to providing clients with the quickest and most efficient way to comply with sound financial literacy education and counseling.  We help clients whose financial purchases would benefit from having good credit and DEBTHELPER.COM educates clients on how to build and maintain good credit for life.

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  1. Use of this partner web portal is FREE of charge.
  2. asks that you complete a User Agreement to abide by security rules and confidentiality policies upon sign up.
  3. has mandatory certificate programs your clients need.
  4. has been in business since 1996.
  5. is a member of AICCCA and BBB.
  6. is ISO certified by BVQI.
  7. is a licensed debt management provider in multiple states.
  8. is a HUD Approved Multistate Organization.
  9. is approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a personal financial management instructional course and credit counseling in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code.*
  10. service is professional, personable and timely.
  11. partner website provides online client progress 24/7 for many programs as permissible.
  12. programs provide you emails from us at different stages of progress for each client, e.g. Appointment Scheduled, Unable to Contact, Completed, etc for many programs as permissible.
  13. has billing systems so that your firm may offer to pay relevant fees on behalf of your clients as permissible.
  14. offers sound financial education and counseling.
  15. offers a host of related interest sites for you to add your contact information and publish your content at no additional charge to increase your visibility and search engine optimization.
  16. Don’t like something? Have a suggestion? Tell us!’s IT Department is innovative and fast to meet the requests and needs specific to your organizational needs.


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You can trust that your clients are in good hands with DEBTHELPER.COM as DEBTHELPER.COM constantly strives to reach and exceed all governmental policies and regulations. DEBTHELPER.COM’s main goal is to help each and every client with education, counseling and personalized attention.

DEBTHELPER.COM’ program has been designed for ease of use for both your firm and your clients.

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