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DebtHelper.com helps people like you worry less & get on track by getting you the credit card payment relief you need now. We're a Non-Profit Organization with a focus on helping you get out of credit card debt and have more money left over every month.

  • Help starts with a free & confidential credit counseling session.
  • Based on recent clients, the average credit card interest rates for our clients dropped from 24.9% down to 1.9%. Their monthly payments also dropped by more than $300. That could be you!
  • Now is the best time to get on track.

No Need to Feel Embarrased

We've practically seen it all. Good people get in bad debt. Your free credit counseling session will be confidential and with a Certified Credit Counselor.

We've helped people with more than $93,000 of credit card debt to be debt free. We'll listen, we won't judge, and we'll help you get onto a plan to be debt free.

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