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How Can I Work on Rebuilding My Credit if I Choose Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy might feel like the end of the world but it is far from it. There are always measures that you can take to rebuild your credit. Here are some tips to help increase your credit score after bankruptcy.

Get a Secured Credit Card

Once you have a little money put away, put some of it toward a secured credit card. Similar to a debit card, a secured credit card requires you to pay the bank upfront and then you are given a card with that amount on it. The benefit is you make payments on the card which are then reported to the credit bureaus, which will help rebuild your credit score.

Stay away from banks that charge outrageous start-up fees and check that your payments are reported to all three credit bureaus. You want them to see that you’re paying off debts so that your score will improve.

Pay Off Balances Every Month

Your credit score is affected by whether or not you can pay off your balance often, so only buy something if you’re able to pay if off in full by the end of the month. Making regular, on time payments to your creditors is what is recommended for increasing your credit scores.

Start a Budget

Evaluate your recurring expenses every month and see where you can get rid of some expenses. Be sure to draw line between your needs and wants. Getting rid of cable TV, preparing meals at home, and canceling your gym membership might be a few ways to shave off expenses each month. Once you know how much money you need to live, you can start figuring out how to leverage the rest of it toward rebuilding your credit.

Don’t feel discouraged. Going through a bankruptcy is very stressful but it is definitely something you can survive.


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