Are You Eligible for Mortgage Relief?

Have you received notice about foreclosure on your Florida primary residence? Are you delinquent on your Florida mortgage payments? Are you upside down on your home value, or are heading in that direction?

Mortgage uncertainty can be scary and overwhelming. If you don’t know what to do or where to begin, is your answer for Florida Foreclosure assistance. Our Foreclosure Counselors will explain your alternatives to help prevent Florida foreclosure or find a way to meet your housing goal.

You don’t have to do this alone. Debthelper Foreclosure Counselors provide FREE Florida Foreclosure Services (also known as Loss Mitigation).

Debthelper Foreclosure Counselors are approved and certified by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide FREE Foreclosure Counseling Services.

Here’s a summary of how your Florida Foreclosure Counselor is equipped to help you:

  • Services are available either over the phone or in-person
  • Se habla Español
  • Perform Intake and help you create a budget
  • Determine your hardship and ability to repay
  • Determine your eligibility for workouts and programs
  • Provide alternatives to foreclosure
  • Determine your options
  • Help you move toward your housing goal
  • Communicate with your servicer or loan provider
  • Act on your behalf with a loan modification
  • Report any fraudulent activity you are a victim of
  • Help address any fair housing issues
  • Find a resolution to your housing needs

Counselors will work with you as long as you need to resolve your housing needs. As soon as you contact us, you can expect to receive an intake packet that will allow us to start your housing file and work on a written plan to overcome any obstacles in your way. If you have any questions, please contact us today at 561-472-8000. Ask for the Foreclosure Team. We’re here to help.


Mortgage delinquency counseling may be completed in a group setting or face-to-face in a one-on-one meeting. Certain portions of the educational modules may be provided electronically, and some sections of the counseling may be completed telephonically; however, every client will receive at least one in-person interview at an agreed-upon time.

The time it takes to complete the counseling will range depending on your situation. The average time spent is between two and eight hours per household. The web-based CARS compliant client management system will record activities, outputs, follow-ups, logs, and related materials. Communications from HUD regarding program updates will supersede requirements set forth here. These services will be free of charge.


1. Perform Intake by gathering baseline information from client, including: 

a. Client’s goals/intent
b. Reason for delinquency or default
c. Client’s financial situation and possibility of workout
d. Client’s loan type
e. Home’s value/condition
f. Original loan documents, if available
g. Demographic information (contact information, household size, household income, ethnicity (optional), etc.

2.Educate on:

a. HUD required mortgage relief provisions by lenders
b. Mortgage-held escrow funds
c. Foreclosure
d. Alternatives to Foreclosure such as: Pre-foreclosure short sale, Deed-in-lieu, Sale of property, bankruptcy, mortgage rate reduction programs, home equity conversion mortgage to qualified homeowners, money and debt management, alternative income sources, or renting a part of a home for income.

3. Assess the client’s mortgage, payment status, and urgency in the delinquency and foreclosure process. If necessary, in conjunction with the client, CCMS will outline a hardship letter and submit it to servicers. Arrange reinstatement plans.

4. Develop loss mitigation options. CCMS will utilize available resources, such as grants, debt management programs, and other available assistance.

5. CCMS will determine applicant eligibility for Programs to assist clients with retaining homeownership.

6. Communicate with the servicer.

7. Submit a loss mitigation package to the servicer electronically whenever possible. CCMS will make every effort to contact Servicers or Lenders to facilitate communication and encourage servicer activity; if a workout is possible, CCMS will complete and submit the required forms to expedite the execution of the workout plan.

8. Negotiate with junior lien holders and applicable Homeowners Associations.

9. Create written Action Plans, including causes of the financial distress, sources of recovery, and suggestions for improving the financial condition. Clients are provided with counseling plan options and are assisted with choosing the best available plan for their specific situation.

10. Provide follow-up to the client.

11. Provide the client with contact information for additional community services that might be available. 

12. Assist with locating alternative housing if necessary.

13. Continually monitor and update clients on the evolving Federal programs designed to assist distressed homeowners. 

14. CCMS will participate in any mediation, not legal representation, on behalf of the client, upon request.

15. If necessary, CCMS will assist the client in reporting a suspected case of mortgage scams to the HUD Office of Inspector General. Fair Lending / Mortgage Fraud Identification, Referral, and Reporting

16. If CCMS suspects fraud or fair lending abuse, CCMS will report cases to appropriate sources for follow-up.

17. Terminate files after the appropriate cause is established. Such as: The client meets his housing need, CCMS determines that further counseling will not meet the client’s housing need or resolve the client’s problem, the client terminates the counseling; the client does not follow the agreed-upon counseling plan, the client fails to appear for counseling appointments, the client has been contacted at least twice over the phone and at least once by mail/email and the client fails to respond to any communication(s) from CCMS.

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