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By , Posted on Sep 14, 2015

Along with our debt management plan, DebtHelper.com offers free budget analysis and credit counseling to all consumers. DebtHelper.com also provides Reverse Mortgage Counseling to seniors 62 and older, Bankruptcy Counseling, Bankruptcy Education, Homebuyer Education, Credit Education and Florida Resident Foreclosure Assistance.

For community groups and businesses located in the South Florida area, Credit Card Management Services offers free, on-site personal finance and credit education seminars catered to your audience’s needs.

For more information regarding credit counseling and debt management plans, please visit our Credit Education Resources page. DebtHelper.com will try to maintain this page with the most up-to-date news regarding credit and personal finance issues and the most comprehensive list of educational links. If you have further questions regarding any personal finance and credit issues do not hesitate to contact a DebtHelper.com certified credit counselor at (800) 920-2262.

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