How can I find out more about the USAHomeClub before I join?

Please call one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-920-2262 for more information.

What is the purpose of the USAHomeClub?

USAHomeClub is an innovative program developed by, designed to help you get ready to buy and own a home. The primary purpose of this unique program is to educate and counsel you on buying your home, obtaining your best mortgage possible and providing you peace of mind throughout the process. USAHomeClub works with you to understand the process of buying and sustaining your homeownership.

How does the USAHomeClub work?

First, at USAHomeclub, you are assigned a certified counselor with whom you will develop an individual credit action plan to identify any errors on your credit report.

Your USAHomeclub counselor will provide you recommendations on the best ways to increase and maintain a high credit score.

Thereafter, you and your certified counselor develop your USAHomeclub Readiness Action Plan.

This plan reviews all other aspects of buying a home, including where your money is coming from for the purchase price, closing costs and home reserves.

The USAHomeclub plan includes regular meetings with your assigned counselor to review your progress. These meeting may be face to face, by telephone or via Skype.

In addition, the USAHomeclub may include educational webinars and/or group classes by experts in their field.

What are the USAHomeClub fees?

Based off of affordability fees start are: $49 Start up fee and $25 a month there after. Please call our customer service representatives to see if USAHomeClub is offering any discounts or grant programs. You may cancel at any time without penalty.

How do you monitor my progress?

USAHomeClub has developed a Home Readiness Score which is monitored by your counselor. This score takes into account your personal goals, established with your counselor, and other factors required to purchase and own a home. With your permission, USAHomeClub will share this score with your loan officer and Realtor so that all of us may work together as a team to determine when you start looking for your new home.

What states is the USAHomeClub in?

USAHomeClub is currently available to anyone who wants to buy a home in Florida and Massachusetts. We will be adding to list in the near future.

Is USAHomeClub affiliated with any other companies?

Yes. USAHomeClub is a program of Credit Card Management Services, Inc. d/b/a Please view our rating with the BBB here.

Where are the classes given?

Please visit out calendar page to find out about upcoming classes given in person or online.

How do I join USAHomeClub?

You can join on our website or by calling one of our customer service representatives 1-800-920-2262.

How do I make my payment?

You can make your payment through our secure website or by calling one of our customer service representatives.

Can my spouse and I join USAHomeClub together?

Yes, there is an additional fee when you register jointly to offset the expense of a second credit report.

Will you guarantee I will be able to buy a home after I join?

No, it is up to you to be able to get into the position to buy.

Can you guarantee my credit score will increase?

No, there are no guarantees your scores will increase.

Why should I join the USAHomeClub?

If you are looking to buy a home and want to learn more about the process, then this program is for you. This program is ideal for renters, newlyweds and those who have already been through a financial hardship. Consider this program for a gift to your grandchildren just starting out, as well.

Is there a penalty if I decide to cancel my membership?

No. There are no contracts or penalties. If you rejoin, there is another start up fee.

Are there a minimum number of months I must join?

No. If you enter an extended certificate program, you must attend every required class to obtain a homeownership certificate.

Will USAHomeClub help me to increase my credit score?

The program is designed to help get your score to a mortgage ready state and you are responsible for the actions you take on your own credit.

Will USAHomeClub help me find down payment assistance and grants?

Yes. When down payment assistance programs (DPA’s) are available; this typically depends on your area and income.

Do I have to use one of USAHomeClub loan officers?

No. USAHomeClub does not provide or require you to use any specific loan officer to obtain a mortgage. USAHomeClub works with many loan officers and can provide a list upon request.

Do I have to use one of your realtors?

No. USAHomeClub does not provide or require you to use any specific real estate agent. USAHomeClub works with many real estate agents in your area and can provide a list upon request.

Who will teach the webinars and classes?

Depending on the topic of the class, educators from that specific industry or USAHomeClub Counselors will provide instruction. However, you can choose to do business with that particular individual if you want to.

Will I be assigned one counselor?


Can you recommend a good loan officer or real estate broker?

Yes, USAHomeClub can provide a list upon your request.

What if I cannot afford to pay your fees?

USAHomeClub will not turn away anybody seeking assistance due to affordability.

Why should I continue my membership after purchasing my home?

There are many reasons why you should continue your USAHomeClub membership. USAHomeClub will continue to provide support and education on owning your home. These included how to select a contractor to make repairs or capital improvements, how to deal with emergencies, when to refinance your mortgage, when to sell your home, and how to save money on your utilities (being green) see your membership application package for your benefits.

Does USAHomeClub have any additional benefits?

USAHomeClub will soon offer members discounts, rebates and rewards on your purchases. One program will allow for these rebates to be deposited directly into your Roth IRA and receive a fixed rate of return upon qualification to have a Roth IRA.

Will you be using the free credit report?

No. With your written authorization, USAHomeClub has an agreement to purchase a residential mortgage credit report and residential mortgage credit scores on your behalf. In addition, USAHomeClub has arranged a process for you to obtain a copy of this credit report and score at no additional fee. This credit report and scores are similar to the credit reports used by banks and lenders when reviewing your mortgage application.

Will you give me a mortgage?

No. USAHomeClub does not originate mortgages or lend money. When you apply for a mortgage through a bank or other lender, USAHomeClub will be there to assist you in understanding the documents and disclosures you receive. USAHomeClub wants to make sure you have a good understanding of your mortgage and obligation.