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Meet Fee-Fighting Vigilante Molly Katchpole

By , Posted on Jan 19, 2012
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She took on Bank of America and then Verizon over fees By Minda Zetlin If it weren’t for Molly Katchpole, we might all be paying some sort of fee for using our debit cards. In October 2011, Bank of America announced its intention to charge some customers who used debit cards $5 a month for...

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1099-C surprise: IRS tax follows canceled debt

By , Posted on Jan 05, 2012
Debt. credit card debt student loans

Forgiven credit card debt may be taxable income By Connie Prater If you thought your money woes ended last year when you settled that credit card debt, think again. Avoiding 1099-C tax problems What you should know: Have you negotiated with a creditor to pay less than you owe on a credit card debt? The...

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Does ‘good’ debt really exist?

By , Posted on Apr 11, 2011
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Some experts say the recession has changed how debt should be viewed By Marcia Frellick Does “good” debt exist anymore? Financial experts differ, but many say that in today’s economy, it’s time to reconsider how we look at some common types of debt. Traditional thinking separates debt into “good” and “bad.” Mortgages and student loans...

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