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Is a Roommate the Answer to Your Financial Woes?

By , Posted on Dec 05, 2014
Debt. Saving Money

Photo Credit: via Compfight ccMany Americans are struggling financially and splitting rent with a roommate may, for many, seem like a great way to save money… but is it really a good idea? There’s no doubt that living with someone, whether a friend, family member or spouse, can at times be challenging, but...

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Senior Citizens Owe $18 Billion in Student Loan Debt

By , Posted on Nov 07, 2014
Debt. Budgeting

Student loan debt among seniors 65 and older rose by more than 600% between 2005 and 2014. When thinking of student loan debt, many consider it a young person’s problem. Seniors might have student loans for a number of reasons.  Many of the seniors, 80%, have student loans due to loans taken out to fund...

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Have You Been a Victim of an IRS Phone Scam?

By , Posted on Sep 19, 2014
Debt. credit card debt

If you have received a call from an IRS agent telling you that you are entitled to a big refund or that you owe money that must be paid back immediately, you likely have been the target of a scammer! The IRS warns consumers to on the lookout for these sophisticated and aggressive phone scams...

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Could the New FICO 9 Make it Easier for You to Buy a Home?

By , Posted on Sep 12, 2014
Budgeting Debt. Saving Money credit cards

Everyone knows that credit score affects one’s ability to purchase a home. Higher credit scores mean lower mortgage interest rates. Many consumers have low credit scores as a result of unpaid medical expenses. These derogatory entries on a consumer’s credit report can affect a credit report, undesirably, by 100 points or more.   The current FICO model fails...

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