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Should I Get Pre-Approved for My Auto Loan?

By , Posted on Mar 07, 2022
Debt. credit card

Drowning in credit card debt significantly affects your financial health by negatively impacting your credit score. With a bad credit score, you’ll lose the chance of getting competitive credit card offers and being approved for the best loan rates. But why is it essential to get pre-approved for your auto loan?  When you buy a...

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What You Should Know About the No Surprises Act 

By , Posted on Feb 11, 2022
Debt. Personal Finance

A few thousand dollars in medical expenses can drive many people to seek credit debt help. A survey shows that over 57% of Americans with debt owe at least $1,000 driven by diagnostic tests, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations. For this reason, most people worry about unexpected medical bills more than other expenses. Group health...

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Who To Call About Your Credit

By , Posted on Nov 16, 2021
Debt. Personal Finance

If the information on your credit report is less than stellar, you might be tempted to respond to ads from credit repair companies that promise you a “new credit identity.” While you feel that this may seem like just what you need to get your credit back on track, dealing with these methods can put...

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How Do Payday Loans Work? 

By , Posted on Oct 26, 2021
Debt. Personal Finance

Before you consider applying for a payday loan, you should educate yourself about this financial innovation. Having more than one loan can potentially lead to financial issues that may require payday loan debt assistance. What You Should Know About Payday Loans What Are Payday Loans? Usually marketed as a bridge between paychecks, payday loans refer to short-term cash...

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