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How Your Credit Score Impacts Your Interest Rate 

By , Posted on Apr 04, 2022
credit card credit card debt

Your credit score has a huge impact on your financial well-being. Whether you’re planning to take out a loan or looking to build your credit and improve your score, understanding the relationship between your score and interest rates is key to your financial success. This article will discuss how your credit score impacts interest rate...

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Should I Get Pre-Approved for My Auto Loan?

By , Posted on Mar 07, 2022
Debt. credit card

Drowning in credit card debt significantly affects your financial health by negatively impacting your credit score. With a bad credit score, you’ll lose the chance of getting competitive credit card offers and being approved for the best loan rates. But why is it essential to get pre-approved for your auto loan?  When you buy a...

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5 Signs That Signal You Need Credit Card Counseling

By , Posted on Aug 23, 2021
Debt. credit card General

In most cases, people find themselves in tough financial situations with credit cards because of unpaid monthly dues. Without credit card counseling and sound financial management, every unpaid monthly balance piles up as finance charges that would yield to a higher interest rate being charged on their credit card accounts. Consequently, they end up paying...

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3 Questions to Ask Before Paying Credit Cards with a Home Equity Loan

By , Posted on Apr 22, 2016
Budgeting Debt. Saving Money credit card

When it comes to paying off credit card debt you may think it’s wise to do so by any means necessary, including tapping into your home equity. Often times getting a home equity loan can seem like a relatively cheap source of money at your disposal. However, by doing so you can be putting your...

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