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5 Ways to Make Your Income Tax Refund Work for You

By , Posted on Apr 15, 2016
Budgeting Debt. Saving Money

For those that receive refunds, tax time often feels like the adult equivalent of Christmas. For most Americans that refund check tends to burn a hole in your pocket, and you can’t help feeling the urge to splurge a little. However, careful money management at this time of the year can be a very smart...

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Nickeled and Dimed – 3 Ways that Your Credit Card Keeps You Paying

By , Posted on Apr 08, 2016
Budgeting Saving Money

For the majority of people, a credit card balance has become a fact of life. We use credit cards for everything from buying groceries to paying for our vacations. We plan out the best way to earn the most rewards. Usually we even depend on them as our main way to build credit. When it comes to...

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3 Ways You Can Save By Looking at Your Credit Card Statement

By , Posted on Apr 01, 2016
Budgeting Saving Money

“Out of sight, out of mind,” isn’t a phrase that you should use when referring to your credit card statement. By knowing how to read your credit card statement and staying on top of it, you can actually save in the long run. On top of saving money, you can also save yourself some time...

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Understanding Credit Card Interest

By , Posted on Mar 25, 2016
Budgeting Debt. credit card

We’re all familiar with credit cards and at one point or another the odds are that we’ve all had, or will have, at least one. Unfortunately, if we aren’t careful and don’t do our research then we could end up getting ourselves into trouble with those cards. Believe it or not, over spending on a...

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