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Summer Road Trip? 3 Ways to Save on Gas Prices

By , Posted on Jun 03, 2016
Personal Finance

At one point or another the majority of us have entertained the idea of a road trip. Whether it be with family or just a group of good friends, a summer road trip can be tons of fun. However, a major downside is the money that ends up going into the gas tank. Especially since...

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Get Ready for Swimsuit Season Without Spending a Dime

By , Posted on May 27, 2016
General Personal Finance

It’s officially that time of year when everyone suddenly realizes that they might not be quite summer, or swimsuit, ready just yet. Instead of panicking and dropping tons of cash on get fit quick schemes or expensive gym memberships take a look at the tips and tricks below. By incorporating a few healthy habits and...

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Summer Savings – 3 Ways to Save Money this Summer

By , Posted on May 20, 2016
Budgeting Personal Finance

Just when you think you’ve finally recovered from all the extra spending that tends to accompany the holiday season, you wake up and realize that summer is here along with all of the costs that come with it. While it may seem like summer should be relatively cheap – full of bicycle riding and playing...

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4 Reasons To Never Exceed Your Credit Limit

By , Posted on May 13, 2016
credit cards

Isn’t it an awesome feeling to open your credit card statement and see a large number as your credit limit? If you’re like many people, then just knowing you have those funds at your fingertips might be enough to start burning a hole in your pocket. Just because you have a limit on your card...

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