Paul Donohue – President and Founder

Paul DonohueAfter completing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree at Villanova University, Paul was recruited to West Palm Beach by a local banking institution, First Service Corporation.

Paul formed a bank holding company, White Eagle Financial Group, at age 24. The company raised $2.5 million for the purpose of acquiring a bank. In 1993 White Eagle purchased Admiralty Bank in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. As Vice-President of Admiralty Bank, Paul became involved with Quick & Reilly who then established a branch office at Admiralty as a direct result of his relationship. This unique association was recognized in Barrett’s Money Guide and American Banker.

Paul took advantage of his banking experience to establish Credit Card Management Services, Inc., branded as, in 1996. Paul has served as its President since inception. Under his direction, has achieved several notable benchmarks including opening multiple offices and acquiring Housing and Bankruptcy Approvals. has provided assistance to over 600,000 families across the nation, since its inception.

Paul maintains personal certification for financial management counseling through the Partnership for Financial Education. Paul is a Florida licensed Mortgage Broker. Paul is a licensed provider of Credit Counseling through the State of South Carolina. Paul carries more advanced certification programs, including being on the  Roster of the Federal Housing Authority as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Counselor.

A longtime board member of children’s charity groups, Paul formed the non-profit, Videos for Kids (VFK), now known as “Little Smiles, Inc.”, in 1999 providing videos,  equipment and entertainment to children in local hospitals and hospices. Little Smiles has granted  hundreds of thousands of wishes to children under care across Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Paul lives in North Palm Beach, Florida with his wife Carrie and their son Brady.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of consists of community-orientated professional and academic leaders who volunteer their services and time in support of the mission. Board Members are not related by blood or marriage to any other current Directors or Officers of The Directors are not engaged directly or indirectly in the business of mortgage lending, investment sales or advising, insurance, banking, or non-profit/charitable activities. The Directors do not directly or indirectly receive remuneration for their affiliation with

Kurt Stahura

Kurt Stahura, Ph.D

Niagara University, Dean

Matthew Curran

Matthew Curran

Jupiter Medical Center, Physical Therapist

Jim Sutch

Jim Sutch

Direct Supply, Regional Account Manager

George Lubeck

George Lubeck III

One World Realty Inc., Owner


Client Services / Processing Department

The processors are critical to making sure the credit card companies accept the proposed terms in a timely fashion. Client Services handles thousands of calls a year closing problem reports only after the client says the problem is fixed. The majority of calls by these dedicated employees are outgoing calls to make sure clients are getting the full benefit from their program with

Counseling Department

The counselors spend 90% of their time in telephone or personal consultations with clients helping them get control of their financial lives. Counselors make sure the financial plan, which some time results in getting clients back on track without joining a program. Counselors are partners with their clients every step of the way to financial freedom.

Operations Department

Operations handles thousands of checks, money orders and electronic transactions every month and ensures timely payments to the credit card companies. These people are the unsung heroes of the company who make sure payments are processed with a goal of zero defects. Operations also creates and sends monthly statements to help clients make their payments accurately and on time.

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